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Here at Chris Bowers, we have a fantastic range of top quality high yielding UK grown strawberry plants types and runners for sale, which you can buy with over 50 different types of strawberry for planting in domestic gardens. Our quality plants have been the choice of experts for over 30 years. 

View our strawberry buyers guide for more strawberry plant information

For garden planting, plant 15" apart in the row with 3-4' between rows. Most varieties can be planted in pots, containers, windowboxes, even hanging baskets as well. They will yield well for 3 years and usually start to decline after that, most professionalls will re plant every 4 years or so.

If you are looking to purchase strawberry plug plants then we can offer you something better than that; our large high quality pot grown plants, and our selected field grown runners will grow away much faster than a plug plant and give really great results.  

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Florence Strawberry Plants

Florence Strawberry Plants

A new late maincrop season variety from HRI East Malling which crops from early July to early August. The firm brightly coloured and regularly shaped berries have an excellent flavour and are well displayed for...

Pegasus Strawberry Plants

Pegasus Strawberry Plants

A new mid-late season variety release by the Institute of Horticultural Research East Malling. Pegasus has excellent disease resistance with tolerance of Verticillium Wilt, moderate resistance to Botrytis and is less susceptible to Mildew than...