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Cultivation of cranberries is similar to that of the blueberry. They prefer a moist soil of high organic content, so a generous amount of moss peat, forked into the top 9″ of soil is normally required. If moisture is maintained, they are a very rewarding crop to grow, producing relatively heavy yields of plump, juicy fruits that make an exceptionally well flavoured cranberry sauce. They excel in a sunny position. No pruning is required except to trim off any untidy stems which should be done in early spring. They are low, spreading, evergreen shrubs.

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  • Cranberry C.n Cranberry Plants


    Probably the heaviest cropper, moderate spreading habit, large, red fruit.

  • Early Black Cranberry Plants


    (Vaccinium Macrocarpa): A vigorous and very free fruiting cultivar. Blunt tipped leaves with large, dark red, almost black fruits. Superb and outstanding.

  • Franklin Cranberry Plants


    Heavy crops of small to medium sized fruits. Slow to spread.

  • Vaccinium Oxycoccos Cranberry Plants


    Narrow, pointed leaves with small, pink flowers that are carried in clusters. The medium sized fruits are red or dark pink and well displayed. Normally evergreen foliage that also makes excellent ground cover. A very well flavoured variety.

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