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Rhubarb – Virus Tested

Thick, juicy, flavourful, bright red sticks of quality rhubarb are now available to us all! The Ministry of Agriculture Experimental Station at Stockbridge House, Yorkshire have now developed virus free stocks of rhubarb and completely new, greatly improved varieties. Rhubarb plant crowns for sale from the experts.

Over the years, rhubarb stocks have deteriorated in cropping with virus and disease bringing large reductions in cropping, soft rot etc. etc. Thin, pink, sickly looking sticks have become common sights in the shops at absurd prices, so we are very pleased to he able to offer you the chance to grow, once again, quality rhubarb.


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  • Stockbridge Arrow Rhubarb Crowns


    A new variety from Stockbridge House, that has the added advantage of being superb for early forcing, producing thick, bright red, juicy sticks of very high quality. Of stiff upright growth, the long, top grade stalks are very easy to pull, the leaves are typically small and arrow shaped. Stockbridge Arrow is a heavy cropper with a season similar to the old favourite, Victoria, and the first of a new generation of rhubarb, providing the finest quality sticks for the most delicious dishes. Early forcing is very simple, just place an upturned dustbin over the crown in January or February…

  • Stockbridge Harbinger Rhubarb Crowns


    A superb, new, mid-season variety from Stockbridge House Experimental Station, Stockbridge Harbinger is an excellent variety with exceptionally long, high quality sticks that are very easy to pull. The long sticks are upright with a good, red colour on the lower half, which phases into a delicate pink near the leaf. The leaves are small to medium size. This variety is ideal for early forcing when it provides a very high quality, early crop. Very good flavour, suitable for all purposes, a very heavy crop from the tender juicy sticks. Very highly recommended.

  • Victoria Rhubarb Crowns


    A late variety, with thick stalks for pulling outdoors later in the season, a very popular old variety that crops well into the summer. Plant 2 to 3 foot apart.

  • Brandy Carr Scarlet Rhubarb Crowns


    Selected in Yorkshire for its fine deep red stiks which remain quite red right the way through. Cooking very sweet and tender, this is a fine variet for flavour and appearance and is ideal for all purposes. Mid season.

  • Cawood Delight Rhubarb Crowns


    A new variety from Stockbridge House, that has received excellent public praise in recent years. Compared with other varieties the yield is low, but the sticks are of very high quality, shiny, and a deep, maroon red overall. Not suitable for forcing, but exceptional for pies where the stick colour is retained to some extent.

  • Champagne Rhubarb crowns


     Added to our range by popular request. This old variety is renowned as one of the sweetest, most beautifully flavoured of all Rhubarb varieties. The ample sticks have a pale pink flush and are tender, sweet and juicy. Large leaves, maturing early-mid season, this is a productive and robust variety.  Plant 4-5′ apart.  Photo is generic. 

  • Prince Albert Rhubarb Crowns


    A popular old variety for its early sticks of brightest red. Very hardy and a wonderful flavour. Also known as Royal Albert and Early Albert.

  • Reed’s Early Superb Rhubarb Crowns


    Upright, easy to pull, mid-season variety that is an old favourite for forcing. The sticks are a deep red colour over most of their length and the yield is high.

  • The Sutton Rhubarb Crowns



  • Timperley Early Rhubarb Crowns


    The earliest variety and is very useful for early forcing and early outdoor rhubarb. Good flavour. The sticks are rather narrow, red at the bottom, phasing into green. Yield is only moderate but an exceptional variety for its natural earliness. Early crops can be forced even prior to Christmas and the outdoor crop can be ready in February.

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