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Hybrid Berries

This section is devoted to one-off’s and fruits which were raised as hybrid crosses between two diffferent fruit plant parents. They offer something different for the connoisseur, or those who desire something different to try.


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  • Dewberry Hybrid Berry Plants


    Excellent when grown as ground cover or can be trained on wires in the normal way. The fruits are black with a fine bloom, good, delicate flavour. Very popular in America. Not a hybrid, but a distinct species.

  • Japanese Strawberry Hybrid Berry Plants


    The erect stems have pinnate leaves and produce clusters of large, attractive, yellow-white flowers, The late summer fruits that follow are very large, bright red and juicy. Excellent, sweet flavour that is very pleasing. A strawberry/raspberry cross that should be grown like you would a shrub. Requires no support and excels in the shrub border for picking and eating fresh as you walk through your garden. Quite different. A very attractive and enjoyable cultivar to grow. A novelty fruit.

  • Japanese Wineberry Hybrid Berry Plants


    One of the prettiest cane fruits you can grow. The berries are bright orange, turning to crimson when fully ripe, with an unusual grape-like flavour. The canes are an attractive red colour in winter, a very handsome plant that can be used to good effect as an ornamental climber in the larger shrub border. Delicious for jams and jellies, the fruits are produced in August. Pruning should be delayed until early March as the canes are very decorative, glowing crimson red in the winter sunshine. Wineberries will grow in partial shade, but for the best results, a full sun position…

  • Jostaberry Hybrid Berry Plants


    See Blackcurrants.

  • Karaka Black Plant – The distinctly different new hybrid berry


    Selected from a hybrid berry breeding programme in New Zealand, Karaka Black exhibits several valuable traits which taken as a whole have resulted in a quite unique new berry for UK gardens. Karaka Black has extraordinarily long, slender fruits which are 4 times as long as they are wide, and often up to 4 inches in length. The glossy black lustrous colouring hints at the delicately ambrosial, juicy sweet and aromatic flavour which is perfect for eating fresh, but the berries hang in prominent clusters all over the outer canes. In Growth it is very compact with a spacing of…

  • Thornless Boysenberry Hybrid Berry Plants


    Large, red fruits turning to a dark wine/purple colour when mature. Excellent flavour. Serve with cream for dessert or makes really delicious preserves. The fruits are larger then those of a blackberry, juicy and not too seedy. Making a large plant, the boysenberry is hardy and extremely resistant to drought. Very easy to pick. Plant 10’apart.

  • Thornless Youngberry Hybrid Berry Plants


    Probably a cross between a phenomenal and a dewberry, the fruit resembles a boysenberry, ripening to purple with an excellent loganberry type flavour. A heavy crop of large fruit that is excellent for dessert freezing and all purposes. The juicy fruits have a minimum of seeds and are very easy to pick. Plant 7′ apart. Very similar to the boysenberry. sold out.

  • Vetchberry Hybrid Berry Plants


    A cross between a blackberry and a raspberry. Deep wine red fruit. Very heavy cropping.

  • Worcester Hybrid Berry Plants


    See under gooseberries.

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