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Kiwi Fruit

The Chinese gooseberry or Kiwi fruit is a hardy, climbing plant that requires a sunny position like a south or west facing wall. They can also be grown in containers in a greenhouse, using any John Innes or similar compost. As they readily entwine around any support available, all support systems are suitable. Pollination: 1 male plant for up to 7 female plants must be planted to give full pollination. The fruit is normally ripe in October when it should be picked and stored in single layers in trays for about 4 weeks or more to allow the flavour to develop fully.

You will normally need to grow male and female kiwi vines to cross fertilise one another. Self fertile Kiwi plants can also be obtained that can be grown alone, but the quality and yield from pollinating pairs tends to be better.

Never purchase low cost plants raised from seed, as they are extremely variable and are NOT to be recommended. NEVER buy un-named varieties. The above varieties are superior for their quality of fruits. Other varieties of Actinidia (Chinese Gooseberry) produce fruits, but they are normally grown for their beauty of form and flower rather than the production of fruit. The above varieties excel for the quality of their fruits.

Please note we do not supply lone males, male plants are sold in combination with female[s] only.


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  • Abbott Kiwi Plants


    Female. Early flowering and a heavy cropper.

  • Atlas Kiwi Plants


    Male variety, essential for pollination. For outdoor culture we recommend the varieties Atlas, Hayward and Bruno.

  • Bruno Kiwi Plants


    Female. Large, dark brown fruits densely covered with bristly short hair. Heavy cropping and flowers later to avoid early frosts.

  • Hayward Kiwi Plants


    Female. Large, pale brown skin covered with silky fine hairs. Moderate growth and cropping, but the finest flavour. Late flowering and reliable.

  • Jenny Kiwi Plants


    A new variety which is SELF FERTILE and will produce a crop when planted on its own. Ideal for those short of space. It is also more compact in growth.

  • Matua Kiwi Plants


    Male Excellent pollinator.

  • Monty Kiwi Plants


    Female. Good cropping with attractive growth.

  • Tomuri Kiwi Plants


    Male. Good pollinating variety.

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