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Asian Pear Trees

Asian Pear Trees grow well in most parts of the country excluding the colder Northern area's where they will benefit from a more protected position.

The hawthorn scented blossom is quite early and the circular pear-like fruits have a crisp apple like texture.

Most varieties of Asian Pear Trees are now proving self fertile; these are attractive trees to grow with good autumn foliage tints. Height at maturity is typically 10' or so. They may also be cordon grown. 

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20th Century Asian Pear Trees

20th Century Asian Pear Trees

Very free cropping and a good pollinator for other varieties...

Chojura Asian Pear Trees

Chojura Asian Pear Trees

Easy to grow and of good quality...

Shinsiki Asian Pear Trees

Shinsiki Asian Pear Trees

Good quality fruits, self fertile....