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Pixy Rootstock Dwarfing

Pixy Rootstock Dwarfing bush type tree; easily maintained to 8′ in height. Also suitable for 18″ patio pots. Heavy cropping early in life, the best general purpose rootstock. Plant 8′ apart.

St Julian Rootstock Vigorous

St Julian Rootstock Vigorous orchard sized tree of 12-14′.Plant 14′ apart.


A simple, elegant columnar type tree. Up to 30 full sized fruits, easy to grow and little pruning involved. Ideal for patio pots, lining a driveway, planted close together as a wonderful fruiting ‘hedge’ or as an arch. 2-3′ is the optimum planting distance or spread around the border as you wish. Crops early in life, often from the first year.[Similar to, but a little more slender than a cordon and on a smaller rootstock]

Stepover Tree

Very short tree used for border-edging for the kitchen garden or edge of a lawn.

Fan trained

Fan trained trees for wall training; plant 8′ apart.


A single stem tree with short laterals. Heavy cropping, easy to prune. Plant 3′ apart.

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