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Lots of people desire their own Almond Tree. Producing beautiful flowers in spring, and your own delectably flavoured nuts.

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  • Dulcis Common Almond Tree


    Almonds should be grown in the same way as you would a peach or nectarine. To produce a good crop of nuts, almonds must be given a very sheltered spot. They are normally grown more for their beautiful blossom, but in a frost free spring, a surprising yield of high quality nuts can be gathered. The variety is Prunus Dulcis the best variety for the production of nuts, the ever popular Sweet Almond. A bonus from the most beautiful spring flowering tree, with its mass of single pink flowers that softly fade to almost white.

  • Ingrid Almond Tree


    Lots of people desire their own Almond Tree, not only for its beautiful flower in the Spring but the elusive promise of your own delectably flavoured nuts. Now at last here is a variety much more likely to give you the rewards you expect. Ingrid is the first selected form which is more reliably cropping than the original common Almond, with the same beautiful blossom and much less of the disfiguring leaf curl disease. A most promising introduction which doubles as a beautiful ornamental and a productive tree in one. £26.95

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