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Strawberry Plant Buyers Guide

Plant Types

The varieties of grow your own strawberry plants which we offer are renowned for their excellent growth properties, and can be planted between the months of June and September. The pot grown strawberry plants for sale have been specially selected to produce the best fruits, which are easy to cultivate whatever the time of year.

Planting Strawberries – A Manageable Task

Planting strawberries is becoming more and more popular in the UK, with increasing numbers of people choosing to grow their own fruit. Chris Bowers can make planting strawberries a fruitful and manageable task, and we have a great variety of strawberry plants including autumn strawberry varietieswhich will give you the results that you are looking for.

General Guide

Pot grown plants for June, July, August and September planting. The advantage of planting pot grown plants at this time is that they become established well before winter, and each plant will give you a heavy crop the first season. Each plant is individually packed so as to avoid disturbance and the advantages far outweigh the extra cost involved.All plants are hardened off before despatch, so they are ready for immediate planting upon receipt. Plant 15″ apart in the row with 24 to 30″ between rows.

Plan Your Strawberry Production

Fruit ProducedArea for growingType of plant
Late April, early MayCold greenhouse or windowsillPlant pot grown plant in pots/ containers during July/August
All May and early JunePlanted outdoors covered with glass cloches or polythene in mid/late FebruaryPlant pot grown plants during July/ August/September
Normal Crop mid JuneOutdoors July /August /September for superb maxim crop in first yearPlant pot grown plants in June to October
Autumn Crop August to late OctoberOutdoorsPlant autumn fruiting varieties during autumn or spring. Always pot grown plants
November/DecemberGreenhouse at 50°FDay neutrals in pots/containers

Pot Grown Strawberries

Over the years Chris Bowers’ pot grown strawberries have often been said to be synonymous with choice and quality.Their reputation is well known throughout Europe and we receive enquiries from many parts of the world. The advantage of our pot grown strawberries is simple, they are grown in a special fertile pot for planting straight into the gardenupon receipt. The pots are much larger than many others dispatched and the roots grow through their special pots so there is no root disturbance. The result is that often just after two weeks in your garden, they are well established and seem as though they have always been there!

The benefits are obvious:

  • No check to the growth at the time of planting
  • Quick Establishment
  • The heaviest crop possible the summer after planting
  • No waiting 2 years for a crop with Chris Bower?s pot grown strawberries!

Add to this the obvious benefits of a superior, virus-free healthy plant, and the difference in the results becomes clearer. Customers who have been planting our strawberries for the past 20 years or more already know this, new customers may order with every confidence. Never settle for second best, it is always false economy. If you order early, we can normally despatch during the summer to your preferred time for planting.

Spring Planting

Some gardeners prefer to plant in spring and, once again, a pot grown plant is to be preferred. Perpetual varieties (autumn fruiting) will give an excellent crop from August onward when planted in spring, and day neutral varieties 12 weeks after planting.

Health and Quality

All of our propagating stock of the main varieties is ministry certified for trueness to type, health and vigour. Propagating stock of some varieties that are not eligible under the main certification scheme have been inspected and certified for health. The few varieties that are not eligible under either scheme are grown to our same standards of guaranteed health. These are mainly the old or outclassed varieties. Complicated but very effective for the production of a very high quality plant.

Strawberries are despatched from April to late September. Orders placed after 3rd week of Sept will be held over until the next despatch season.

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