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Our damson trees are ideal for those looking for top of the range trees which will produce good crops of fruit for years to come. We have damson trees available for sale which produce both small and large fruits, which are generally ready for picking between September and October.

Choose from dwarfing trees on Poxy stock, column trees – ideal for saving space in the garden – half standards and more vigorous trees for larger areas and orchards. Or you can buy damson trees suitable for growing against a wall. Select your damson trees online via our website for the greatest range of quality trees delivered to your door.

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  • Blue Violet Damson Tree


     We are pleased to introduce to our range this new variety of Damson. Blue Violet lives up to it’s name with beautiful dusky blue fruits which are larger and sweeter than traditional Damsons. Ready for use from early September, the juicy greenish flesh makes wonderful jams, pastries, crumbles and also freezes well. Blue Violet is self fertile, hardy, compact and easy to grow.  Crops have been consistently good and the fruits need less sugar than tradiitonal types yet retain the wonerful true Damson flavour that is so treasured by those who know. We currently have this variety available on ‘Pixy’…

  • Bradley’s King Damson Trees


    Reddish purple, small fruits with a blue bloom. Milder flavour. No pollinators required.

  • Farleigh Damson Damson Trees


    Almost round, black fruits with a hint of blue. A very heavy cropping variety for picking mid September. Although partially self fertile, at its best grown with another variety. Nearly all varieties of plum are suitable.

  • Merryweather Damson Trees


    Large, well flavoured fruits, moderately vigorous and an excellent all round variety. Ready for picking in late September. Self fertile, so no pollinators are required. We have many more varieties from which to propagate for forward ordering and for which all enquiries are welcome.

  • Shropshire Damson Damson Trees


    Also known as Prune Damson, the fruits are ready for picking September and into October. The flavour is very good and the blue-black fruits have a juicy, greeny yellow flesh. The growth is compact, so this variety is also ideal for the smaller garden. Self fertile, so no pollinators are needed to produce the quality fruits. Recommended.

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