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The Tayberry is a relatively recent hybrid derived from a raspberry x blackberry. Far from just a novelty, it has quickly established itself as a popular mainstay of the fruit garden. It is a somewhat lax grower, like a Blackberry, so it should be grown against a fence, wall, or a support system. The plants are quite hardy and easily satisfied, producing well on most ordinary soils in a position that gets at least some sun. Space around 8′ apart.

Apart from it’s overwhelming capacity to provide very heavy crops annually, the real merit lies in the deep, rich, complex flavoure which is entirely irresistible and suitable for eating fresh, the fruits also make superb pies and jams and can also be frozen. The fruit ripens second half of July and they are long and deep clarert-purple when ripe.

Pruning consists of removal of old fruiting stems in late Autumn. The stong new growths that appear from the base of the plant are tied in to provide next years crop.


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  • The Medana Tayberry Tayberry Plants


    Raised by the Scottish Crop Research Institute at Invergowrie in Scotland. The bright purple fruits are very large and the flavour is magnificent, the yield is very high and the firm, juicy fruits ripen early July and cover the plant in a blanket of mouthwatering berries. The tayberry is unique, it is different, its superb. Raised at the S.C.R.I. by crossing a very high quality Aurora blackberry with an improved tetraploid raspberry. The tayberry has given exceptional results in Ministry of Agriculture trials over a long period, copping consistently, year after year. The fruits are twice the weight of an…

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