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  • Cordons Whitecurrant Bushes


    Cordon trained currants are particularly suitable for growing in rows against a wall or fence, or anywhere that room is scarce. They make attractive growth, are easy to net against birds and are very effective for screening odd corners. Very easy to grow and prune. All varieties are available as cordons.

  • Blanca Whitecurrant Bushes


    A new variety which, in Europe has provided the heaviest yield of all Whitecurrants, exceeding even that of the standard variety White Versailles, yields of Blanca usually top 4kg per square metre in commercial trials. The long trusses of pearly white, large and evenly sized berries and increased cropping potential mean that Blanca will almost certainly become the foremost Whitecurrant variety in the UK. It is also later in Season and therefore useful grown in combination with other varieties as a season extender. Whitecurrants are becoming increasingly popular, they make a delicious soft pink coloured jelly, and, being sweeter than…

  • Varieties Whitecurrant Bushes


    Red Lake, White Versailles:Superb quality. All quantity prices are for that number of plants of the same variety

  • White Dutch Whitecurrant Bushes


    A mid-season variety, producing long bunches of golden white fruit. A good crop from a spreading bush with very well flavoured fruits.

  • White Grape Whitecurrant Bushes


    A late variety with long bunches of finely flavoured berries.

  • White Pearl Whitecurrant Bushes


    Long bunches of large, yellow/white pearls. Excellent flavour. Sometimes known as White Transparent.

  • White Versailles Whitecurrant Bushes


    Long bunches of large, sweet berries hang in abundance. Medium, upright growth providing an early heavy crop of delicious berries. Superb for dessert and all other purposes, the best general purpose variety.

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