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Cherry Trees For Sale

Our cherry trees for sale are UK grown on the nursery using the cherry rootstock Colt and dwarf Gisela 5, they are suitable for gardens of all sizes. We pride our cherry trees on being the very best, and as the majority are E.M.L.A. virus tested, you can be sure that you are investing in a high-quality grow-your-own cherry tree which will supply you with delicious fruits for a very long time. There are many types of cherry tree, take your pick from the great variety  for sale at Chris Bowers, which includes sweet edible cherry trees, cooking cherries the best new cultivars and older heirloom varieties from orchards of the past.

Dwarf Cherry Trees

The type of cherry tree you are buying will be dictated by the space and environment you have in which to plant. These days a dwarfing tree on Gisela stock is often chosen. An orchard setting will benefit from larger, vigorously growing trees but in a garden setting dwarfing roottsocks are more popular and easily managed. The situation, too, will influence the variety, warmer sunny spot is demanded by the delicious sweet eating cherry, but a Morello cherry tree will thrive with some shade and a colder environment so can be a very useful addition.

The Sweet Cherry Tree

For the best sweet cherry tree, if you are only planting one cherry fruit tree make sure it is a self fertile cherry variety that can yield well on it’s own; when planting groups of trees then you can make your selection from a wider choice. The newer modern varieties tend to be self pollinating wherease older heritage types normally need to be grown with a pollinator. Have a look at our range where the qualities of each are described.

Cherry – Plant preferably from October-April as bare rooted stock, pot grown cherries can be put in during the summer months as long as they can be watered regularly thereafter until established.

Fruit Colour

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  • Amber Heart Cherry Trees


    For picking late July. Large, white fruits with a very sweet, juicy flesh. Heavy Cropper. Pollinate with: Gaucher, Bigarreau or Stella. A very sweet, juicy flesh.

  • Black Heart Cherry Tree


     An interesting older variety that can produce impressive results under good conditions. Few other varieties can approach it for the size and beauty of it’s gleaming dark ebony red fruits which have a sumptuous flavour. Claimed to be partly self fertile but we would recommend a pollinator such as Stella, Lapins, Inga, Morello and Van. A vigorous tree and a beautiful old heirloom variety with some interesting qualities. New to our lists. Photo is generic. 

  • Black Oliver Cherry Trees


    A medium to large rounded cherry with a sumptuos deep black colour and outstanding rich, sweet flavour. Raised in the West Midlands, this forms a vigorous upright, then spreading tree. Pollinate with Stella, Van etc.

  • Bradbourne Black Cherry Trees


    A rich, dark crimson cherry with large fruits that have a very flavourful, dark red, juicy flesh. Ripening late July. Pollinate with: Gaucher Bigarreau or Florence.

  • Celeste Cherry Trees


    A further new naturally compact variety with large dark red fruits of good quality which ripen Mid July. Self fertile. Already very popular.

  • Early Rivers Cherry Trees


    Very early large, black fruits from mid June onwards. A heavy, reliable cropper with very high quality fruits. Vigorous. Pollinate with: Merton Glory or Noir de Guben.

  • Emperor Francis Cherry Trees


    A very good, large, mahogany cherry when ripe, white at first. Beautiful flavour but the fruits have a tendency to crack in wet areas. Good. compact growth. Pollinate with: Merton Marvel or Napoleon.

  • Florence Cherry Trees


    Ready for picking in late July, the large, pale yellow fruits are flushed with crimson. Firm, but juicy fruits, with a very good flavour. Pollinate with: Amber Heart, Bradbourne Black or Napolean Bigarreau.

  • Frogmore Early Cherry Trees


    A very generous cropping, yellow cherry. Excellent flavour and very reliable. Pollinate with: Amber Heart or Stella. Ripening in early July, a first class variety.

  • Gaucher Bigarreau Cherry Trees


    For picking mid to late July. A cropper with vigorous, upright growth. Large, black fruits with a sweet flavour and very high quality. Pollinate with: Amber Heart or Stella.

  • Govenor Wood Cherry Trees


    Dark red fruits with a yellow flush. Good, juicy flavour, a very heavy cropper that ripens in early July with large, round fruits. Pollinate with: Napoleon Bigarreau, Stella or Van.

  • Inga Cherry Trees


    Like the other new varieties. Inga has black fruits, produced in mid season. The crop is very heavy. Large, black fruits that are very attractive. Very high resistance to all canker. A superb new variety. Late flowering. Pollinate with: Stella, Bradbourne Black, Sunburst or Merchant.

  • Kordia Cherry Tree


     A Czeck raised variety, new to our lists, which is being hailed as a good possibility for more Northerly areas. The pleasingly attractive deep red heart shaperd fruits have a deep purple flesh that is sweet and juicy and appealing eaten straight from the tree. Has plenty of juice; season mid August and usually hangs for around 2 weeks. Needs a pollinator but accepts pollen from a wide range of good self fertile varieties such as Summer Sun, Lapins, Stella, Sweetheart and Petite Noir.  Photo is generic. 

  • Lapins Cherry Trees


    Another dark red/black, self fertile cherry with large, dark fleshed fruits. Good split resistance. A heavy crop produced later in the season.The above varieties are not available as E.M.L.A. stock as they were all raised in British Columbia. They are however all produced from the original British Columbian virus tested stock.

  • Merchant Cherry Trees


    MERCHANTEarly mid season variety with very large, black fruits. Very heavy cropping. Pollinators include: Early Rivers, Noir de Guben, Roundel, Merton Glory and Nutberry Black. Merchant itself, will pollinate all these varieties.

  • Mermat Cherry Trees


    An excellent early black cherry that is heavy cropping, with larger fruits than the popular Early Rivers. The quality is superb and the flavour rather special. Resistance to canker. Pollinate with: Early Rivers, Merton Favourite, Frogmore Early or Merton Bounty.

  • Merton Bigarreau Cherry Trees


    A black cherry of superb quality for picking mid to late July. Another excellent variety from the John Innes Institute. The fruits are large, purple/black with firm. juicy, red flesh. superb flavour. The trees are vigorous, with a very heavy crop. Pollinate with: Merton Glory or Morello.

  • Merton Favourite Cherry Trees


    Ripening late July with very dark crimson, heart-shaped fruits with a very rich, sweet flavour. A very heavy cropper, strong growing but compact tree. Pollinate with: Mermat, Merton Bigarreau, Merton Bounty or Frogmore Early.

  • Merton Glory Cherry Trees


    An early variety for picking late June and July. One of the largest cherries of all, yellow spread with crimson. This variety does not crack easily in wet weather. Ideal pollinators are: Merton Bigarreau, Early Rivers, Noir de Guben and Morello. Like all of the Merton prefix varieties, which were all raised at the John Innes Institute, this variety is outstanding.

  • Merton Heart Cherry Trees


    Picking late June and July. Very dark red, very flavourful fruits. Pollinate with Governor Wood.

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