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Gooseberry Bushes

Gooseberry Bushes for sale.

Buy gooseberry bushes from the experts and select from our large range of quality bushes which can be supplied to you year round.

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  • Achilles Gooseberry Bushes


    A European mid-season variety that gives good crops through the country. A dual purpose variety for cooking when green and, when left to ripen, the fruits become a deep red with a first class dessert flavour.

  • Black Velvet Gooseberry Bushes


    Black Velvet is a cross between the old Red Champagne gooseberry and a hybrid Worcesterberry. Black Velvet makes a strong, upright bush and excels when cordon trained. Easy to grow and heavy cropping with an abundance of small fruits.

  • Early Sulphur Gooseberry Bushes


    Very early. The abundant crop of medium sized, primrose yellow fruits are of first class flavour, superb for jam, excellent for dessert. A strong, erect bush. Early Sulphur is a favourite of many and has been re-introduced by popular request.

  • Hino Red Gooseberry Bushes


    A leading variety in Europe, particularly in the colder areas. We all remember the first of those very severe winters a few years ago, when many varieties suffered damage to the younger growth. Hino, Red proved particularly hardy with no damage at all in our trials, the crop the following summer was magnificent. The fruits are medium sized, dark red and have good Mildew resistance. Flavour is excellent. An easy to grow variety with strong growth.

  • Hino Yellow Gooseberry Bushes


    All the frost hardy qualities of the above. The fruits are a pale yellow, medium to large with a lovely flavour. Good Mildew resistance. Bushes are rather more compact but spreading.

  • Invicta Gooseberry Bushes


    We were pleased to be the first to offer this superb new early/mid-season MILDEW RESISTANT gooseberry. Raised in East Malling Research Station, it produces a very exceptional heavy yield of large, high quality fruit that are highly resistant to Mildew. In trials the yield has been more than double that of the standard variety. Careless, and this new virus free clone makes a vigorous, moderately upright bush that will establish quickly to produce these heavy crops. Suitable for all culinary purposes, the large, white fruits hang in heavy clusters down the length of the branch and are very well presented…

  • May Duke Gooseberry Bushes


    A popular, old, early variety that ripens to dark red with a smooth downy skin. A very good crop from a moderately growing, upright bush that maintains its shape well. Very good for dessert when ripe, the fruits have the advantage that they can be picked very early when green for pies, bottling etc. and they have a rather exceptional flavour for this purpose. The fruits are ready for picking by the end of May, a very neat bush.

  • Whinham’s Industry Gooseberry Bushes


    Mid-season. The large, dark red fruits are of good sweet flavour, upright, vigorous growth. This variety does well in shade and is one of the best for heavy soils. A good all purpose variety.

  • Whitesmith Gooseberry Bushes


    Early/mid-season, a heavy crop of large, white fruit of delicious flavour, one of the better all round gooseberries. The fruits are picked from the whole length of the stem and this superb variety does well in all soils.

  • Broom Girl Gooseberry Bushes


    Early fruits that are very large and oval. Yellow to almost olive green. The fruits are excellent for exhibition. A heavy crop from a vigorous grower.

  • Captivator Gooseberry Bush


     The first thorn free Gooseberry to achieve general distribution and popularity. The fruits are small, dark red and sweet, good for dessert and bottling, jams, pies etc. Fruits are small, relatively profuse during good seasons and the bush has some resistance to mildew.  90-95% spine free. A few thorns may appear sporadically, most often on vigorous new growth. Good for cordon growing.  Photo is generic. 

  • Careless Gooseberry Bushes


    Early/mid-season. The large, handsome fruits are of very good flavour and superb for all culinary purposes. A very heavy cropping and easy to grow variety that does well in all soils.

  • Crown Bob Gooseberry Bushes


    A mid-season variety. The large berries are dark red and are excellent for dessert and culinary purposes. Another old favourite re-introduced. A dessert red gooseberry, with some resistance to Mildew.

  • Freedonia Gooseberry Bush


     This Candanian variety was raised in 1927 and remains an undiscovered treasure. The medium sized oval deep ruby red fruits have a mild,. sweet flavour that ideally suits dessert use and can be enjoyed straight from the bush. The upright spreading growth displays some useful mildew resistance. Obviously a very hardy grower and well worth trying, suitable for all growing methods.  Season – Late.  Photo is generic. 

  • Golden Drop Gooseberry Bushes


    Mid-season. The golden yellow berries are tinged with green and the leaves are an attractive greyish green. The medium sized, delicious, yellow fruit is produced on an upright, compact bush. Extremely popular.

  • Green Gem Gooseberry Bushes


    Round, medium sized fruits of the deepest green with pale green veins. A quite outstanding crop than can be left for dessert or cooked early. /mid season.

  • Greenfinch Gooseberry Bushes


    The new Mildew resistant variety from East Malling Research. A superb new early variety giving heavy crops of quality fruit. The bushes are compact and less spiny than most others. Probably the most disease resistance of all varieties. Highly recommended as a well flavoured variety for all culinary purposes.

  • Gunner Gooseberry Bushes


    Late/mid-season. very prolific and very large fruits of mid-green. Excels for dessert and exhibition. Large, somewhat spreading bush.

  • Hedgehog Gooseberry Bushes


    A favourite old variety that we have often been asked for. Large, dark red fruits on a good, upright bush. Very heavy cropping with a perfect dessert flavour.

  • Hino Green Gooseberry Bushes


    An addition to the range of these very hardy European varieties. Produces very good yields of green fruits, which excel for all culinary purposes, jams, bottling, pies etc. The bush has some mildew resistance and is very hardy.

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