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Easy to grow on a sunny, south facing wall, or in a cold greenhouse. Fruits in August/September and prefers a poor soil with added rubble. Brownish-purple, large fruits that are very flavourful. All varieties grow well in containers and are self fertile.

This year we are pleased to offer you some extra varieties to the well known Brown Turkey and Brunswick. The following are all popular on the continent and bear luscious fruits with the most delicious flavour! Supplied in 2 litre pots approx 60ms’ tall.


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  • Brown Turkey Fig Trees


    Reliable and the most often grown variety, Brownish-red fruits with an almost blue bloom. Ripening August to September, the large fruits have a red flesh that is very rich and sweet. Hardy and prolific

  • Brunswick Fig Trees


    Very large fruits that are sweet and rich. A green-yellow, brown flushed skin. Hardy and moderate cropping, ripening mid August.

  • White Marseilles Fig Trees


    An almost transparent flesh that is very sweet and rich. Large, pear-shaped fruits that are pale green to white and ripen in August and September. Hardy and reliable, always cropping well.

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