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Blackberry Plants

Allow a width of 8′ for the average Blackberry plant. Some newer compact varieties can be planted closer (4′) and even in pots and as self supporting. If this sounds more suitable for your requirements look at Waldo or Loch Ness.

In the UK Blackberries can be harvested from late July to late September with careful selection of varieties.

Blackberry plants are also ideal for training against walls, fences, sheds etc, and will provide a very useful crop on sunless walls where few other fruits will grow. Thornless varieties plant 8′ apart, thorny varieties plant 10′ apart. Himalayan Giant 15′ apart. Blackberry bush varieties such as Waldo can be grown as self supporting abd planted¬†4′ apart.

Blackberry fruits are high in antixoidants and are very versatile. Ideal for eating fresh but also perfect in pies, jams, preserves, for juicing and freezing.

PLEASE NOTE THAT ALL OF OUR BLACKBERRY PLANTS ARE VERY HIGH QUALITY IN ACCORDANCE WITH OUR GOLD HEALTH STANDARD AND GUARANTEE AND NOT JUST ROOTED TIPS! Most are supplied in containers, a few of the thorny varieties may be supplied as bare-root during the dormant season if this suits them best.  DELIVERY OF POT GROWN BLACKBERRY PLANTS WILL COMMENCE SECOND HALF OF JUNE; Please reserve now.

Growing Characteristics

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  • Adrienne Blackberry Bushes *new*


    An early fruiting spine free blackberry with vigorous growth and superb fruit quality Adrienne usually starts to ripen a week after Silvan and a week before Waldo. In Southern England this is usually early July. The fruits are large, rather similar to Silvan, and are firm, long and conical. They have a bright and attractive appearance and the juicy fruits have a truly excellent flavour. Cropping potential is very high with the strong canes that are vigorous for a thornless variety. The fruit is well displayed to make picking easy from the short, stout, fruiting laterals. Bred by Medway Fruits,…

  • Ashton Cross Blackberry Bushes


    Raised by Long Ashton Research Station. A very heavy cropping blackberry with the real blackberry flavour. The fruits are medium sized, bright attractive and borne in heavy clusters. Juicy fruits hang in abundance with the real wild blackberry flavour. Superb for freezing, pies, desserts, jams and all purposes. Ashton Cross has given exceptionally heavy yields of quality fruit at the National Fruit trials over a 5 year period and has cropped at 50% more than Bedford Giant, the standard heaviest cropping variety. The fruits are normally ripe the first week in August and continue until the end of September giving…

  • Loch Ness Blackberry Bushes


    This marvellous variety was raised by the Scottish Crop Research Institute. Loch Ness is a breakthrough in blackberry research and has a different type of growth to the standard varieties. The canes are vigorous, spine free, semi erect and very easy to manage. This new type of growth is ideal for the smaller garden where Loch Ness can be grown against a single post or even in a row of raspberries. The fruits are very large for a blackberry (4g) have a good colour and a lovely flavour. Picking is very easy from the thornless upright canes. Loch Ness crops…

  • Merton Thornless Blackberry Bushes


    Raised at the John Innes Institute, Compact grower, completely thornless, the large fruits are beautifully flavoured, often 1” in diameter, with the real blackberry taste. Season August/September. Compact growth makes this variety ideal for the small garden, a very generous cropper.

  • Bedford Giant Blackberry Bushes


    Early crop of large, sweet, juicy berries, season late July and August. Prickly but recommended, superb for freezing and all other purposes. Crops well under all conditions, giving an exceptional yield of quality fruit. The round bright black fruits hang in large clusters, making picking easy.

  • Black Satin Blackberry Bushes


    The canes are completely thornless and its main advantage is that it ripens earlier than the other thornless varieties. The fruits are bright, juicy and attractive and provide an excellent crop, excels in a sunny position.

  • Chester Blackberry Bushes


    Cropping late to extend the season the fruits are produced to cover a long picking season, the yield is exceptionally heavy equal to Silvan and Waldo. The quality of the fruit is superb and they have a sweeter flavour than most blackberries. Cane growth is semi erect with the advantage that less space is required. A real exhibition quality variety with a very remarkable flavour. Suitable for all purposes.

  • Helen – A New Very Early Season Thornless Blackberry


    A welcome addition to our lists, in trials Helen has provided good sized fruits of firm attractive appearance which ripen very early in late July. The flavour has been rated as Very Good, and this in commercial trials, not normally too bothered with the flavour of a new variety, so it must be impressive. The growth is completely thorn-free and, although early indications are that it is not as compact as Waldo and Loch Ness, it is certainly far less vigorous than most blackberries and a planting distance of 5-6ft should certainly be adequate. With its fine fruit quality, natural…

  • Himalayan Giant Blackberry Bushes


    A very heavy crop of medium sized fruit from late August to October. Very vigorous, very prickly. Suitable for barrier or windbreak. Not a variety for general garden use, but suitable where sufficient room is available. 20-301b fruit per plant is normal. Derived from the wild European form of Rubus Procerus.

  • John Innes Blackberry Bushes


    An old hybrid blackberry raised by crossing two wild blackberries at the John Innes Institute in approximately 1923. Vigorous thorny canes, giving heavy crops of very large fruits in September and October. Good sweet flavour.

  • Kotata Blackberry Bushes


    One of the finest flavours of all blackberries. An early mid-season variety with a heavy crop of high quality fruit that produces its main crop the same time as Bedford Giant. The canes are thorny but easy to manage. Growth is vigorous and the long purple-black fruits are well displayed. An established plant in full yield is a magnificent sight. Kotata was bred in Oregan, USA and has the typical bright glossy fruit. A lovely new variety that has given excellent results in our trials.

  • Loch Maree Blackberry Bushes


    Very much an ideal garden variety, Loch Maree is completely thorn free and also has unusually pretty lilac pink double flowers, making this variety suitable for use in the ornamental part of the garden. The growth is very easy to maintain and is semi-erect, meaning it can be grown without support if required. Recommended as one of the best tasting thorn free Blackberries, the rounded dusky black berries ripen from late July, the fruits produced in tempting clusters of 6-8 perfect fruits or more. Can simply be cultivated as an open growing bush so a very simple and impressive variety…

  • Loch Tay Blackberry Bushes – The Very Latest New Scottish Blackberry


    Following in the illustrious path blazed by the highly popular ‘Loch Ness’ and easily the equal of that superb variety, Loch Tay features the advantage of a much earlier fruiting season, its rounded jet black fruits start to ripen in late July and continue through most of August. They are quite firm in texture so manage to shrug off summer downpours with ease and will last well in good condition on the bush if you don’t get around to harvesting them. The flavour is very good and sweet, and the completely smooth spine free canes feature the same semi-upright, compact…

  • Marion Blackberry Bushes


    The Marion berry is a hybrid berry and the fruits are well presented for picking, large and juicy, with a succulent loganberry-type flavour that is perfect for dessert and freezing. The picking season is long and often lasts in excess of 9 weeks from mid-July until very late September, making it the longest picking of all hybrid cultivars. The canes are vigorous and thorny. Previously classified as a hybrid berry, but now considered a true blackberry.

  • New Giant!! Blackberry ‘Black Beaute’ Blackberry Bushes


    A very notable introduction from Oregon, U.S.A. Black Beaute has the most enormous berries, which weigh in at a hefty 11 grams each – that’s twice the weight of an ordinary cultivated blackberry. With their glossy black colouring and pleasant aroma, these collosal berries provide a most attractive sight at the tea table and are sure to win prizes at any show. But Black Beaute is also a superb eating variety with very good flavour and fleshy, juicy fruits. These make an outstanding pie or preserve and are also ideal for juicing. Black Beaute is a pleasure to grow and…

  • Obsidian Blackberry Bushes


    New and the earliest Blackberry in trials. Obsidian is aptly named, for the glossy jet black berries positively gleam with ebony lustre! The fruits are large, conical, juicy, fleshy and have a good flavour. The growth is moderately vigorous and displays the impressive yield well for ease of picking. The total yield is both condensed and prolific. Outstanding in trials, Obsidian is a superb season extender for you to consider as part of your Blackberry planting programme, the first fruits can often be enjoyed from late June in a good summer; from the 1st of July is normal. A magnificent…

  • Oregon Thornless Blackberry Bushes


    Very handsome partly EVERGREEN foliage, providing large fruit of very good flavour. Season – September in to October. Ripening in large clusters to give a very heavy, attractive crop. An ideal variety for incorporating into the ornamental garden as a fruitful feature as this variety combines smooth spine free growth, attractive foliage – which also displays Autumn tints – as well as productivity and sweet flavour.Highly recommended.

  • Smoothstem Blackberry Bushes


    A heavy crop of sweet berries, completely thornless. Season – September. The large, bright berries are easily picked when fully ripe. Prefers a full sun position to produce of its best. The quality fruit has an excellent flavour but somewhat acid. Superb for jam.

  • Sylvan Blackberry Bushes


    An early fruiting thorny hybrid. The large long dark purple-black fruits have a superb flavour and are ready in early-mid July.

  • Thornfree Blackberry Bushes


    Completely thorn free canes that produce a very good crop in the late season. The fruits are very large and jet black. Good flavour and very high quality fruit, similar to Smoothstem.

  • Waldo Blackberry Bushes


    A recent variety and the first Western American type to be bred without thorns. Raised in Oregon, USA, Waldo is very outstanding, the fruits are large, an intense black in colour, and have a very attractive gloss. The quality of the fruits is outstanding, the flavour is even more outstanding. The canes of Waldo are trailing but very compact and should be planted as close as 4′ apart. A perfect variety for the small garden with its compact, easy to manage growth. The crop is heavy and ripens in July before the traditional earliest variety; Bedford Giant. The fruits have…

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