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Our top quality trees are an average of some 5ft tall on delivery (some more, some a little less) infact our customers often tell us they pick their first luscious fruits the summer following planting! Remember our unique Gold Health Standard and Guarantee – a Chris Bowers fruit tree is special

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  • Black Lady Mulberry Trees


    Selected here at Whispering Trees, Black Lady has been selected for its close-jointed compact habit, fast-track fruiting, and outstandingly beautiful lobed foliage. When grown in a 24″ container, Black Lady has truly thieved and regularly reaches fruiting age in just 5 years. That’s significantly less than other Black Mulberries. It is precocious, heavy yielding and full of distinctive Mulberry flavour. The fruits are just great for simmering and serving with vanilla ice cream, they also make a jam packed with taste, can be made into pies and also freeze very well. The large, handsome and deeply lobed foliage turns deep…

  • King James * New * Mulberry Trees


    A variety of great historical interest, King James was propagated from the Chelsea Physic Garden specimen which was in existence in the early 17 century during the time of James I. It is a black mulberry of superb flavour.

  • Large Black Mulberry (Morus Nigra) Mulberry Trees


    Large fruits in mid August. The original & most famous type/variety to be recommended for fruit production.

  • White Mulberry (Morus Alba) Mulberry Trees


    This variety will not give such quality fruits as the large Black Mulberry, but it is popular for feeding silk worms and silk moths. Yellowish white fruits in mid August. Not really for the fruit grower. An attractive tree.PRICE: SOLD OUT

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