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Raspberry Canes – We want your raspberry growing efforts to yield the best results possible, which is why the raspberry canes for sale at Chris Bowers are freshly packed and of the very highest calibre. The great choice of raspberry varieties that we offer means that you can choose from main season and autumn fruiting raspberry canes to suit your individual preferences. Buying raspberry canes as bare root are sold from Autumn to late Spring. Raspberry plants for sale in pots & jumbo-plugs are sometimes available for supply during the Summer enabling planting all year round.

Planting Raspberry Canes

Grow your own raspberries in the garden is  a very popular pastime nowadays, as you just can’t beat the flavour of your own fresh picked raspberries! That’s why our range of raspberry canes for sale is so extensive – probably the largest range of raspberry canes you can buy anywhere – because they are also so economically valuable. Even a small row of, say 10 canes, will produce several pounds of fruit and is an investment that will continue to yield for 12-15 years or more.

Raspberry Canes – Always use Ministry Certified Stock where possible

It is essential with the main varieties that you only plant Ministry certified, virus free stock. Most of the raspberries listed here are Ministry certified and simply the finest, most true to type stock available. Canes are packed fresh for every order to ensure you of the best possible results. NEVER plant second best, it is always false economy. Plant 12-15″ apart in the row with rows 6′ apart. Raspberries prefer well drained soil especially in the winter. Most are best with a post + wire support but some are a little shorter and can be grown self supporting – i.e. Malling Jewel, Autumn Bliss and Zeva.

Planning your raspberry season

With a little forethought you can harvest fresh picked raspberries from your garden by planting raspberry canes that cover the season. Throughout our raspberry variety descriptions, you will see the season given as early/mid/late and autumn fruiting.

Early season usually begins from late June; mid season begins about 10 days after that and late season starts in late July and August. Then the autumn fruiting varieties begin in August and will usually fruit until the first frosts in October. Therefore by planting a selection of raspberry canes you can harvest fruit from late June until October! Our raspberry canes are sold in quantities of 5 or more per variety, which is the minimum number of raspberry canes you should consider planting per cultivar to achieve a reasonable pick at any one time.

Planting Raspberry Canes

Make sure the canes are set 12-15″ apart. Rows should be 6′ apart to allow for cultivation, hoeing, weeding and harvesting.  Raspberries generally dislike heavy or wet conditions. If you have a clay soil consider raising the planting area just a few inches so they do not get waterlogged in the winter. A sunny aspect is always best for your raspberry canes!

Remember to consider Golden and purple Raspberry canes as well, special variations in flavour and colour to add a special touch to your raspberry cane planting programme.

Thornless Raspberries –

here are several thorn free types available so if you have an aversion to spines look out for the varieties Glen Lyon, Glen Prosen, Glen Moy, Glen Ample and Glen Doll which have canes as smooth as silk!

Yellow Raspberries

Are a choice and delicious variation with a sweeter, milder flavour than traditional red varieties. They are very attractive mixed in a bowl with red varieties, can be eaten without sugar and also make a wonderful apricot coloured jam!

Growing Characteristics

Other Characteristics



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  • Autumn Bliss Raspberry Bushes


    A new, autumn fruiting raspberry, raised by East Malling Research Station. A very heavy cropping variety. It fruits earlier from August to late September with high quality berries and a good flavour. The canes are short, very sturdy and will not normally require support. Autumn Bliss gives more than double the crop of other autumn fruiting types and has good aphid resistance. An interesting variation on growing raspberries is to grow Autumn Bliss in polythene tunnels or under glass. This gives a very prolonged crop. Raspberries for Christmas? All Ministry certified. Very highly recommended.

  • Glen Ample *new* Raspberry Bushes


    A new mid-season raspberry bred by the Scottish Crop Research Institute, Glen Ample is a truly remarkable variety we are proud to introduce. In trials Glen Ample has ALWAYS outyield ALL other other varieties to give quite amazing quantities of impressive large fleshy fruits blessed with a lovely sweet flavour. This was no doubt inherited from its parent, Glen Prosen. It has a very long picking season, in fact it is not usual to be harvesting fruit from this variety for more than a month. The smooth spine free canes make picking easy and are quite upright, making this the…

  • Glen Prosen Raspberry Bushes


    A new mid-late season variety raised by the Scottish Crop Research Institute. With Malling Jewel and Lloyd. George among its parents, as is to he expected, the flavour is very good. The canes are moderate in growth, strong and upright, spine free and very easy to pick. Medium red, firm berries that are excellent for dessert and exceptional for freezing. The crop is heavy. Excellent virus resistance including resistance to amphorophora Idaea, the main aphid vector of virus. With its heavy crop of flavourful fruits produced on smooth, compact canes, together with aphid resistance, Glen Prosen has become an exceptional…

  • Kiwi Gold Raspberry Bushes


    A new variety from New Zealand with very good quality rounded golden berries. The flavour is very sweet and fine. Season early-late August. The canes seldom need support.

  • Malling Jewel Raspberry Bushes


    Mid-season, all-purpose variety providing medium to large, high quality fruit of fine, sweet flavour. A very reliable cropper, easy to manage, somewhat frost and Botrytis resistant. Good compact growth makes this variety less liable to wind damage. An excellent variety giving the true raspberry flavour for all purposes.

  • New Introduction* ‘gaia’ Raspberry Bushes


    Gaia is an excellent late summer season Raspberry with a complex parentage involving such well loved old luminaries as Lloyd George, Norfolk Giant, Pynes, Royal and Black Raspberry. With such a wealth of quality ancestors all contributing it is not surprising that Gaia has so many outstanding qualities to offer. Gaia has a very good plant habit with vigorous erect canes which are only moderately spiny. They have shown resistance to Root Rot, Bushy Dwarf Virus, Cane Botrytis and some strains of Aphid Virus Vector. The large round to conical fruits have a truly beautiful flavour – very sweet but…

  • Augusta Raspberry Bushes


    Augusta effectively bridges the fruiting gap between Leo and Autumn Bliss, cropping very late in the summer season to provide fruits for August desserts. The fruits are dark red, round, medium to large and suitable for all purposes. Easy to pick as the fruits are firm and dry and do not squash in damp weather. You will find the excellent flavour very refreshing. Augusta has given exceptionally heavy crops in trials and even outcropped Glen Moy in a four year ministry trial in Scotland with more fruit produced per individual cane. Cane growth is quite vigorous and not overcrowded. Resistant…

  • Black Raspberry Starlight


     A rare connoisseurs Raspberry with unique small to moderate sized almost jet black circular fruits. These have an extraordinary flavour, somewhere between a Purple and a Red raspberry, not as powerful as the former but more aromatic and complex than the latter, standard types. Ideal for eating fresh, and also jams and pies, freezing etc. The canes have a noticeable silvery violet bloom which is quite attractive, especially in the winter. A bush type Raspberry. Stock limited.  Price per pot grown plant. 

  • Fallgold Raspberry Bushes


    An autumn fruiting, yellow raspberry with a delicious, sweet flavour. A heavy crop of medium to large, golden berries that are superb for dessert and freezing. The fruits are easy to pick and the canes sturdy and erect. Responds well to extra ground moisture during fruiting, providing extra luscious berries.

  • Glen Clova Raspberry Bushes


    Early mid-season variety providing a very heavy crop of quality fruit. Ideal for all purposes, the bright red fruit ripens over a long period giving a good early pick and heavy mid-season yield. Excellent flavour, the large fruits of this variety will keep their ‘fresh picked’ look for exhibition. Its longer picking season makes Glen Clova the ideal choice if you are growing only one variety. Still as popular as ever.

  • Glen Lyon Raspberry Bushes


    A new mid-season variety with good compact spine free growth that is very easy to manage. The medium sized fruits are firm with a lovely tangy flavour and have excellent keeping qualities. They will keep fresh in the fridge for several days after picking. The bright shiny red fruits are easy to pick as the new canes tend to emerge in the centre and away from the ripening fruits. The quality of the fruits is superb and yields are extremely high, similar to Glen Moy. With its compact spine free canes, Glen Lyon is a perfect garden variety but it…

  • Glen Magna *new* Raspberry Bushes


    The fourth of our new raspberry introductions. Bred by the Scottish Crop Research Institute, Glen Magna is a late summer season raspberry which has been recommended as an improved successor to the popular Leo. The lovely dark red fruits are very large and have a particularly good flavour. It is high yielding, exceeding even Glen Lyon in trials. The canes are vigorous, upright and have few thorns. Although the fruits are very large they actually freeze very well and have proved to be superb for all purposes. Glen Magna has shown great promise and is very well worth a planting,…

  • Glen Moy Raspberry Bushes


    A new, very heavy cropping variety, Glen Moy is an early variety raised from a cross between Glen Clova, Lloyd George and Malling Landmark. The canes are numerous, completely spine free and erect, making picking more comfortable. Heavy cropping and easily picked from the very short, compact fruiting laterals, the medium red fruits are large and moderately firm with an excellent flavour. Glen Moy has excellent virus resistance including resistance to Amphorophora Idaei, which is the main vector of virus. One of the first spine free raspberry cultivars and an excellent early variety that is ideal for dessert and freezing.…

  • Glen Rosa *new* Raspberry Bushes


    New from the Scottish Crop Research Institute, Glen Rosa is an exceptionally hardy mid-season variety, cropping one week later than the standard variety Glen Clova. The yields have been very heavy in official trials, consistently outyielding all standard varieties. The rounded small to medium sized fruits have a most attractive bright appetising colour and are displayed on erect spine free fruiting laterals to give very easy picking. The flavour of the fruit is good, the cropping potential impressive. However, what really makes Glen Rosa of such enormous value to the Amateur Gardener is its extreme hardiness and disease resistance. It…

  • Golden Everest Raspberry Bushes


    The original mid-season yellow raspberry. A good yield of sweet, golden berries, freezes exceptionally well, making a delicious delicacy for that special occasion, as all yellow raspberries are rather special.

  • Heritage Raspberry Bushes


    One of the heaviest autumn crops with exceptional flavour, vigorous, sturdy canes and the bright red berries are excellent for all purposes. A few days later cropping than the other autumn varieties.

  • Himbo Top® Raspberry Bushes


    This spectacular new Auutmn fruiting Raspberry from Switzerland is set to out-shine Autumn Bliss, currently the leading Autumn fruiting Raspberry for home gardeners. Himbo Top’s rather large fruits weigh a hugely impressive 6-8 grams each and are borne on long fruiting laterals; walking along a row of this variety, picking your huge, succulent fruits, and you will soon have an impressibe bowlful. Sumptuous, mellow, velvety texture, a full 8 week cropping period, and a highly impressive total yield are just some of the many qualities of this impressive new variety. The strong canes are noticeably less spiny than Autumn Bliss…

  • Introducing Octavia – The New August Conqueror Raspberry Bushes


    The outstanding qualities of Octavia lead to it being selected by HRI East Malling for introduction, having distinguished itself from amongst rival new trial varieties. Octavia produces the majority of its yield through August, effectively filling the gap between the late Summer season Raspberries and the first of the Autumn fruiters. Although there are of course other later Summer season Raspberries, Octavia easily outperforms Tulameen and Augusta, and is later still than Glen Magna. Octavia produces well displayed prominent clusters of substantial rosey red conical berries – from near the base of the canes, all the way up to the…

  • Joan Squire Raspberry Bushes


    Bred by Medway Fruits, Joan Squire is a new Autumn fruiting Raspberry which can be cropped twice during one year. The main picking period is during September, but the lower portion of the overwintered canes will then throw new fruiting growth which crops in early Summer of the following year. The firm fruits are excellent of quality and flavour, although the summer crop is a little smaller. The growth habit is necessarily vigorous to support such intensive cropping but the canes are spine free and easy to handle. The flavour is very good. loan Squire will be a valuable addition…

  • Julia *new* Raspberry Bushes


    Julia is a new mid-season variety raised by H.R.I. East Malling and is a superb addition to our list of varieties. Cropping about a week later than Glen Moy, the yield is very high, outyielding Glen Clova by some 36%. The fruits are large, attractive and well shaped, easily plugged and a lovely dark pink to medium red in colour. Fruit is well displayed on the erect canes and very easy to pick. Julia has an exceptional health record and has resistance to the Aphid Virus Vector, Spur Blight and Cane Spot. Raised as a replacement for Glen Clova, the…

  • Leo Raspberry Bushes


    A late summer fruiting variety with a season similar to that of Norfolk Giant, producing fruit of very high quality well into August. The medium sized, bright orange-red berries have delicious flavour and are suitable for all purposes. The heavier cropping potential makes Leo a valuable variety for extending the picking season. The fruits are excellent for dessert, freeze exceptionally well, and are suitable for all other purposes. The canes are upright and picking is easy as the fruit is well presented. Leo is another variety from East Malling Research Station with the added advantage that it has resistance to…

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