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The Modern Intensive Growing System for Apples, Pears, Plums and Gages – column apple trees

Slender, compact columns that grow on average to only 7 tall and bearing heavy crops along the full length of the stem. Wonderful to see in blossom and perfect for the small garden or large intensive orchard. Plant just 2′ apart.

Supercolumns can be grown in the garden border, planted to create a walk through, in rows in a mini orchard, as a hedge or in tubs on a patio. Supercolumns are very easy to manage and picking is easy, the fruits ripen to perfection and with the benefit of more sunshine the fruits have an excellent flavour. Crops can be very heavy with an apple capable of producing 30 or more full sized fruits for years. The secret is in maintaining the columnar growth that is so easy with the chosen rootstock.

Apples are on the Super Dwarfing M27, pears on QC, plums on Pixy, cherries on gisele. All main varieties are now available.

Since we introduced this type of tree customers have achieved some excellent results, the following results we quote from:

Dear Sir
Last autumn we purchased 10 Supercolumn trees, 6 apple and 4 plums. They were sent to me and were planted out and they are all growing perfectly. I am very impressed with the growth, vigour and health of the plants.

A customer from Watford, Herts.

Insist on a Chris Bowers Supercolumn – the modern intensive growing system. Chris Bowers Supercolumns offer you almost certainly the largest range of Columnar Fruit Trees in the UK. Why not increase the range of varieties you can grow by incorporating Supercolumns into your garden?

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