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  • Broadview Walnut Trees


    A hybrid variety from Germany. An excellent crop of exceptionally high quality nuts. Requires a pollinator such as Buccaneer or Franquette to be certain, but now thought to be self fertile.

  • Buccaneer Walnut Trees


    A hybrid European variety that produces a heavy crop of high quality nuts. Self fertile with exceptional cropping capabilities.

  • Franquette Walnut Trees


    New introduction. Large fruits produced late in the season. Very high quality. Pollinate with either of the above. A superb variety.

  • Juglans Nigra (The Black Walnut) Walnut Trees


    PRICE: 1 tree £24.95

  • Juglans Regia (The Common Walnut) Walnut Trees


    A good crop of nuts is produced in most years once the trees are established. Excellent quality and flavour, self fertile.PRICE 1 tree £24.95

  • Rita Walnut Trees


    A new introduction which combines compact, slow growth with a disproportionately heavy yield of flavoursome Walnuts. Proving self fertile, and, in common with the other hybrid cultivars starts to yield at a much earlier age than the common Walnut. A most attractive proposition indeed.

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