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We supply only the finest quality green gage trees that are proven to produce a fantastic crop. The delicious fruits are ready for picking from around mid to late August. Greengages are like smaller plums and sweeter than traditional dessert plums. They are one of the most popular fruit trees as they grow quickly and require little pruning.

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  • Cambridge Gage Tree


    For picking late August and early September, the fruits are small, yellow/green with a slight red flush. An improved selected seedling of the old greengage. The flesh is yellow/green, very juicy and has a really excellent flavour. The trees are vigorous and crop regularly. A first class variety for dessert and equally suitable for cooking and bottling. Partially sell fertile but crops at its best with the pollinators: Victoria, Czar or Majorie’s Seedling.

  • Count Althans Gage Tree


    Old favourite, Lovely flavour. Pollinate with: Reeves, Victoria, Edwards or Oullins.

  • Denniston’s Superb Gage Tree


    The fruits are large and round, pale green with a dark green streak, and produced in mid-late August with a heavy crop. Vigorous growth and self fertile. This variety is also excellent for growing in the north and has a delicious flavour. Often described as a gage-flavoured plum. Self fertile, so no pollinators are required. A superb pollinator for other varieties.

  • Early Transparent Gage Tree


    A very rich greengage flavour, the fruits are pale yellow with crimson dots, and an almost primrose coloured bloom. For picking mid-late August from a compact, but heavy cropping tree. One of the best flavoured of the early gages. Self fertile, so no pollinators are required.

  • Old Greengage Gage Tree


    Exactly as the name suggests. The popular Old English Greengage.

  • Oullin’s Golden Gage Tree


    OULLIN’S GOLDEN GAGERipening mid August, the large fruits are a golden yellow, with an excellent, sweet flavour. The flesh is a fine, pale yellow, and juicy, a fine dessert gage. A vigorous tree that is self fertile, so no pollinators are needed.

  • Reine Claude de Bavay Greengage tree


     An unusual French variety that has the true Greengage flavour. Can be used for all culinary purposes, or left to ripen fully and eaten for dessert. Cooked, it has a powerful, slightly aromatic quality that is most enjoyable and makes superb pies and jams or can be stewed or bottled. Ready for use from early September, ripening over a long period. A strong growing tree. Self fertile so polinators required; Victoria or Dnenistons Superb improves the quality of the set fruit.   

  • Stellas star greengage tree


     A new introduction that is already proving popular for garden growing. Stella’s Star is a compact well branched small tree that spurs well and produces blossom at an early age. Self fertile, the small olive green fruits ripen fully to pale yellow and have an excellent flavour. Stella’s Star needs no other trees to crop well but is itself a good pollinator for other varieties. Ready for picking early August. A new Greengage that is highly recommended. 

  • Willingham Gage Tree


    Produces a good crop of excellent quality gage fruits which ripen mid August, Willingham Gage is a self fertile variety which was selected by the R.H.S. Very good flavour.

  • oullins

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