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Apricot trees for sale

Welcome to our fine quality apricot trees for sale which are avialble to buy year round, as bare root trees in Autumn, Winter and Spring, and container grown from late Spring through Summer. Whenever you  decide to plant an Apricot tree you can be sure of choosing froim the widest range of trees for sale.

Apricot trees tend to be quite vigorous in growth; allow for 8-10 spread and a similar height. Trainign apricot trees against a warm sunny wall is often a good space saving option; or look out for the dwarfing variety ‘Isabelle’ which is smaller. In general Apricot Trees can be pruned in laye Summer by reducing long lateral and leading stems by a third. This helps reduce vigour and encourages earlier cropping too.

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  • Alfred Apricot Trees


    The medium sized fruits are ripe in Early August, and have an excellent, melting flavour. Less susceptible to Die Back disease.

  • Golden Glow * New * Apricot Trees


    A welcome addition to the range. The succulent orange fleshed fruits are ripe in early August. Very hardy.

  • Introducing Gold Cott Apricot Trees


    Introduced from the USA and highly recommended as a robust, hardy and reliable cultivar suited to a cold wet climate such as ours! Beautiful golden yellow fruits, medium to large in size and with a good flavour and long lasting. The flesh parts from the stone easily and is suitable for all purposes including desert, bottling, freezing, preserves etc. £22.95

  • Moorpark Apricot Trees


    The most widely grown apricot. Large, juicy, orange/yellow fruits that ripen in late August.

  • New Compact Apricot Isabelle Apricot Trees


    At last, what we have all been waiting for! Apricots have previously been able to be container grown, but the results have not been all that great, for these naturally vigorous trees require subsequent hard pruning which then robs them of much of their crop. Isabelle is a compacta type Apricot, claimed to be less vigorous, and tidy in appearance the most compact Apricot compared to standard varieties. Easily kept to only 6′ in height and perfect for containers, smaller borders or the intensive orchard. Rounded orange red finely flavoured fruits, hardy and regular cropper. Highly recommended, will go quickly…

  • New Large Early Apricot Trees


    Large, oval fruits that are orange/ yellow and red, with a very fine delicious flavour. Hardy and ripens early August.

  • Royal Orange Apricot Trees


    Oval yellow fruits that are finely spotted with purple. Ripens early August, excellent crop and flavour.

  • Tomcot Apricot Trees


    A very distinguished New Apricot from France with extremely large fruits, quite the largest Apricots you will have seen, they can attain the size of a small Peach! These are blessed with a uniquely intense flavour which is truly an eating sensation and will excel for preserves. The skin finish is highly attractive, being richly blushed red on a golden orange background. Flowers abundantly, a highly impressive new Apricot you must try.. £27.95

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