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Buyers Guide for Blueberries

Welcome to our large catalogue of Blueberry plants which you can buy direct from our nursery, the plants we have for sale are of yop quality and 2 years old, aleays container grown ensuring you the best results. Buying blueberry bushes is a sound investment that will produce for 10 years or longer in your garden. 

Blueberry Bushes for sale  There is a wide range of Blueberry plants with many types and varieties which you can choose from, by selecting different cultivars you can easily enjoy a long spread season of ripe fruit, from early July until well into August. We have selected the best blueberry varieties to grow in the UK ensuring you the best results possible. In the UK the Blueberry season is really from mid July through to September. 

GROWING BLUEBERRIES IN THE UK Blueberries have been grown with a great deal of success for several years in the United Kingdom and Ireland. In extensive trials at the Scottish Crop Research Institute in Scotland they have given excellent results and are becoming more popular than ever in gardens everywhere.The best Blueberries to buy and grow are those marked with an * which denotes especially reliable types.

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Dixi Blueberry Bushes

Dixi Blueberry Bushes

Always seems to provide us with a good late crop of berries. Medium sized, light blue fruits....

Goldtraube Blueberry Bushes

Goldtraube Blueberry Bushes

A later variety for cropping late August, large crops of fruits from a very fast growing bush. Good flavoured attractive fruit....