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Blueberry Guide

Despatch & Best time for Planting Blueberries

We despatch all year round, usually within 3-5 working days of receipt. The plants are supplied in containers so it is ok to plant them at any time of year; many of customers combine their Blueberry bush requirements with those of other soft fruits such as Raspberries and cane and bush fruits, so they go in during the dormant period from October to April. However it’s also good to plant Blueberries during the Summer and early Autumn too; as the bushes are invariably supplied in pots, as long as theyare watered well for a period afterward until re-established, it’s fine to plant them out whilst they are in growth.

Yield estimate & space required

A mature bush can easily yield 15-20 ibs but this is after several years; bushes are precocious, however and usually begin to crop straight away with yields increasing gradually year on year.

One bush requires 72” x 72” [less in a pot]

First Crop

Our blueberries often yield berries straight away, with crops increasing gradually year after year.

Blueberries - Blue Crop

Large Blueberry Plants for sale

No-one likes to wait for their first crop, so if you are looking for well establishged bushes then the Blueberry varieties we supply come as well grown 2 year old bushes in 2 litre and 3 litre pots. They are basically ready to fruit and it is commonplace for customers to report flowers, and some berries, the first Summer following planting. 

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