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Peaches, Nectarines & Saturne
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All trees are propagated on Ministry certified rootstock St Julian A for improved results. This is by far the best dwarfing rootstock for peaches and nectarines, for growing as bush, fan or in containers. Peaches are not particular as to soil type, but they do need adequate drainage. Outdoor peaches also need protection against strong, cold winds to crop well. In the south and west of the country and many parts of East Anglia they grow well outdoors, but for the north of the country, they require a sheltered position. They can also be grown in unheated greenhouses or in containers.

All varieties are self fertile, so no pollinators are required. For bush trees in the garden, plant 15' apart, and for fan trained against a wall etc. plant 12' apart. Home grown peaches and nectarines are very delicious and refreshing fruits to grow, with a flavour that quite excels. An expected average good crops is probably 30-40 peaches or nectarines per tree and, in a good season, more is possible. The trees are normally very productive for 20 years and start to crop very early in life on St Julian A rootstocks.

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Early Alexander Peach Trees

Early Alexander Peach Trees

A very hardy variety, with sweet, delicious fruits that are yellow with a red flush. Ripening late July, with a good crop of luscious fruits....

Peregrine Peach Trees

Peregrine Peach Trees

The fruits ripen in early August and are large and delicious with a juicy, firm flesh. An excellent, very well known variety of peach. The perfect garden variety that excels in all aspects....