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Buyers Guide for Blackberries

Allow a width of 8' for the average Blackberry. Some newer compact varieties can be planted closer (4') and even in pots and as self supporting. If this sounds more suitable for your requirements look at Waldo or Loch Ness

Blackberries are also ideal for training against walls, fences, sheds etc, and will provide a very useful crop on sunless walls where few other fruits will grow. Thornless varieties plant 8' apart, thorny varieties plant 10' apart. Himalayan Giant 15' apart. Loch Ness 4' apart.

PLEASE NOTE THAT ALL OF OUR BLACKBERRIES ARE VERY HIGH QUALITY IN ACCORDANCE WITH OUR GOLD HEALTH STANDARD AND GUARANTEE AND NOT JUST ROOTED TIPS! Most are supplied in containers, a few of the thorny varieties may be supplied as bare-root during the dormant season if this suits them best. 

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*Ashton Cross Blackberry Bushes

*Ashton Cross Blackberry Bushes

Raised by Long Ashton Research Station. A very heavy cropping blackberry with the real blackberry flavour. The fruits are medium sized, bright attractive and borne in heavy clusters. Juicy fruits hang in abundance with the...

Kotata Blackberry Bushes

Kotata Blackberry Bushes

One of the finest flavours of all blackberries. An early mid-season variety with a heavy crop of high quality fruit that produces its main crop the same time as Bedford Giant. The canes are thorny...

Marion Blackberry Bushes

Marion Blackberry Bushes

The Marion berry is a hybrid berry and the fruits are well presented for picking, large and juicy, with a succulent loganberry-type flavour that is perfect for dessert and freezing. The picking season is long...