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Kotata Blackberry Bushes


One of the finest flavours of all blackberries. An early mid-season variety with a heavy crop of high quality fruit that produces its main crop the same time as Bedford Giant. The canes are thorny but easy to manage. Growth is vigorous and the long purple-black fruits are well displayed. An established plant in full…

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(shipped within 5-7 working days)

Supplied as: 2 litre pot grown year round

1 plant
£11.48 (3% off)
2 – 3 plants
£10.33 (13% off)
4 – 5 plants
£10.49 (12% off)
6 – 9 plants
£9.60 (19% off)
10+ plants
Fully Grown 1.8m x 1.8m
Planting Distance 1.8m

(shipped within 5-7 working days)



Fruit characteristics

Finest flavour

Growing characteristics

Reliable, Thorny