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Apple trees – Connoisseurs & Heirloom

In this category you will find a lot of rare and old Apple tree varieties, many of them unnavailable elsewhere! The best and most reliable varieties of Apple to grow for general garden cultivation are to be found in our main Apple tree section, but if you like to grow something different then it’s worth having a look at the varieties described here. At the very least it should provide a fsacinating read!

Many of them have special qualities that make them desirable even today.

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  • Acme Apple Trees


     Origins – Essex, England 1944. Characteristics: A Cox’s type dessert apple which usually ripens a little earlier than that variety.  Has maintained a low level of garden popularity over the years.  Flavour Intense, rich, crisp and juicy texture. Season: Harvest Mid September, stores until December or sometimes a little later. Growth: Moderate vigour, spreading. Often biennial cropping unless thinned. Pollination: Group ‘A’ Good pollinators include: Beauty of Bath, Egremont Russet, Idared, Allington Pippin, Brownlees Russet etc.

  • Ananas Reinette


     Also known as Pineapple Reinette owing to the distinctly pineapple-like flavour that can developnin ripe fruits. In common with other ‘Reinettes’ this is a partly russetted pale green and golden brown apple which is well worth growing for it’s exciting flavour.  Dutch origin, 1821. Fruit small to medium sized and keeps well.  Season early October to December. Pollinates well with Irish Peach, Idared, Jafra, Rev Wilks, Redsleeves, Lord Lambourne, Granny Smith, Limelight etc. 

  • Bakers Delicious Apple Tree


     This is an early coopker with a very fine flavour and a variety we are often asked for, it’s inclusion is long overdue! Unlike most early cookers this can be a beautiful apple with a striking rosy flush. It’s flesh is a deep cream, very juicy and with a good balance of acidity and sugar, Cookls very well, season September. Polliantes well with: Api, Ananas Reinette, Beauty of Bath, Idared, Redsleeves, Lord Lambourne, Egremont Russet etc.  Wales, 1932. 

  • Jafra Apple Tree


     Grown on a small scale commercially in Holland, this 1971 selection is a most beautiful orange striped apple with a dense, very crisp flesh and a powerful, intense flavour which has led to numerous plaudits. It is an ideal garden variety; largely disease reistant, regular cropping and easy to grow. It is strange that it is not better known. Pollinates well with BNauty of Bath, Granny Smith, Redsleeves, Lord Lambourne, Lady Lambourne, Api etc. 

  • Bloody Ploughman Apple Trees


     An interesting old historic variety; said to have grown from a pip from the bag of apples stolen by a Ploughman who was shot for stealing. The resulting seedling was saved and nurtured by a fellow worker and the resulting tree was named in his memory. A very old variety, first described in 1883. A medium large heavily ribbed apple, evenly and deeply coloured in blood red; sweet and juicy flavour, little acid.Why not enjoy this fascinating old heirloom as a space-saving supercolumn in your garden? Plant just 2′ apart. Pollinates well withj Rajka, Saturn, Somerset Redstreak, Tomp Putt, Sunset,…

  • Brownlees Russet Apple Trees


     A most interesting addition to our range of Russets, this small chestnur brown heavily russetted Apple develops a characteristic intense taste of pear drops as it ripens. A productive small tree, the fruits are ready for harvesting mid October and have great storing properties, often keeping well until March. The blossom is most attractive too. Good pollinators include Bountiful, Herefordshire Russet, Redsleeves, Pitmaston Pineapple, Red Devil and Red Ellison. 

  • Cornish Aromatic Apple Tree


     Westcountry variety first known in Cornwall in 1813. It has endured because of it’s enticing flavour which is intensely imbued with notes of cinnamon, spice and pear-drops. Harvest in October, for use until Christmas, sometimes later. The fruits have a handsome bright red flush and slight russet patches in a similar style to Cox’s.  Pollinates easily; Scrumptious, Redsleeves, Limelight, Red Devil, Herefordshire Russet, Ellisons Orange, Rajka, Bountiful are all suitable. 

  • Crimson Bramleys Seedling Apple tree


     A sport of the famous cooking variety with a more prominent red flushed fruit, especially on the sunny side. A most attractive large apple; in all other respects the same as Bramleys Seedling. 

  • C Grimes Golden apple tree


     a parent of Golden Delicious and similar to that variety but at it’s best the flavour is better, more complex. Usually a good cropper and a good pollinator for other varieties too. The fruit is ready mid October and will last in store until February. Raised in Virginia in the 1930’s. 

  • Atlas Apple Tree


     A dual purpose variety from Canada that can attain large proportions!  Medioum green with a striking red flush, flesh brisk, savory and juicy. Good for baking or pies, and mellows sufficiently for dessert use later. An impressive apple in size and beauty and quite frost resistant. Pollinates well with Redsleeves, Arthur Turner, Red Falstaff, Jafra, Rev.Wilks, Lady Lambourne, Beauty of Bath, Idared etc. 

  • Ballards Seedling Apple Tree


    Origins – Bedford, UK 1946. Characteristics: Orange red flush and stripes over green-gold. Flavour Elements of Cox’s Orange pippin, softer texture with a melting juicy flesh. Season: Harvest early October and will keep until December with care. Growth: Medium vigour. Disease resistance negligible but worth growing for it’s eating qualities. Pollination: Group ‘B’ Good pollinators include: Redsleeves, Greensleeves, James Grieve, Ellisons Orange, Gavin, Kidds Orange Red, Red Falstaff, Fiesta etc.

  • Captain Kidd Apple Trees


     A sport from the favourite dessert variety Kidds Orange Red, with an even more beautiful and highly coloured skin finish. Flavour is akin to a Cox but easier to grow. Season November and December. Mildew resistant. Good pollinators include Redsleeves, Bountiful, Grenadier, Rajka, Cornish Gilliflower, Red Devil, Princesse, Red Falstaff, Fiesta etc, but not Kidds Orange itself. 

  • Ankums Russet Apple Tree


     A scarce variety, origins Sweden, 1930′s. Small to medium sized flattened-circular rich golden beautiful fruits. Flesh white-green, slightly sharp acid-drop flavour, mellows later in the season. Stores until January, pollination group ‘C’ Spartan, Ellisons Orange, Charles Ross, Pineapple Russet all partner well. A small, compact tree with frost tolerant blossom.

  • Red Sauce Apple tree


     An interesting variety we came across that was raised in Geneva in the 1950’s and is aptly named for if harvested and used when fully ripe the flesh becomes staioned with pink. This translates into a beautiful sharp rosy puree and pink apple jelly. The fruits are heavily red flushed. For harvesting late September to early October, keeps until November.  Pollinates well with Charles Ross, Pixie, Red Falstaff, Spartan, Howgate Wonder, Saturn etc.  Stock limited this season.

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