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New introductions to our range representing the crème de la crème of fruit breeding achievements from England and around the world. These varieties will give enviable results in your garden and are well worth special attention.


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  • Black Lady Mulberry Trees


    Selected here at Whispering Trees, Black Lady has been selected for its close-jointed compact habit, fast-track fruiting, and outstandingly beautiful lobed foliage. When grown in a 24″ container, Black Lady has truly thieved and regularly reaches fruiting age in just 5 years. That’s significantly less than other Black Mulberries. It is precocious, heavy yielding and full of distinctive Mulberry flavour. The fruits are just great for simmering and serving with vanilla ice cream, they also make a jam packed with taste, can be made into pies and also freeze very well. The large, handsome and deeply lobed foliage turns deep…

  • Ebony Blackcurrant Bushes


    The first genuinely dessert Blackcurrant! A variety that has been hotly anticipated for some time and an entirely unique variety. Ebony has a taste that is so sweet and mild it is the first Blackcurrant that can truly be used for dessert use and may even be eaten straight from the bush! Thin skinned, juicy and sweet but still with that unmistakeable Blackcurrant aroma, Ebony is ideal for adding to fresh fruit salads, cordials, punches and such like but can also be used for all culinary purposes and is valuable where less sugar is desired. Perfect for juicing with no…

  • Fenella Strawberry Plants


    One of the main things that struck us about Fenella is the wonderful, lush, vigorous but compact dark leafed plant habit. Fenella has excellent disease resistance and is a late summer season variety recommended as a superior replacement to the popular Florence. Fenella is a real season extender with a 3 week or longer crop of large [typically 15gram] berries which are evenly shaped and provide a very attractive appearance at the tea table. Fenella has a juicy, nicely tasting slightly aromatic flavour that will not disappoint. Performs well during wet summers and recommended for all areas, Fenella has a…

  • Himbo Top® Raspberry Bushes


    This spectacular new Auutmn fruiting Raspberry from Switzerland is set to out-shine Autumn Bliss, currently the leading Autumn fruiting Raspberry for home gardeners. Himbo Top’s rather large fruits weigh a hugely impressive 6-8 grams each and are borne on long fruiting laterals; walking along a row of this variety, picking your huge, succulent fruits, and you will soon have an impressibe bowlful. Sumptuous, mellow, velvety texture, a full 8 week cropping period, and a highly impressive total yield are just some of the many qualities of this impressive new variety. The strong canes are noticeably less spiny than Autumn Bliss…

  • Loch Maree Blackberry Bushes


    Very much an ideal garden variety, Loch Maree is completely thorn free and also has unusually pretty lilac pink double flowers, making this variety suitable for use in the ornamental part of the garden. The growth is very easy to maintain and is semi-erect, meaning it can be grown without support if required. Recommended as one of the best tasting thorn free Blackberries, the rounded dusky black berries ripen from late July, the fruits produced in tempting clusters of 6-8 perfect fruits or more. Can simply be cultivated as an open growing bush so a very simple and impressive variety…

  • Lucy Strawberry Plants


    A superb new mid-late season British raised strawberry with a 4 week picking season which goes on for 10 days after Elsanta, the predominant mid season variety. It is typical to be harvesting Lucy from Mid June to Mid July. Lucy bears attractive, shiny heart shaped berries that have a very juicy, sweet taste that are well displayed for ease of picking. Recommended as a very easy variety to grow, Lucy is resistant to crown rot and also performed the best of all varieties last summer, when so many were a rain washout, Lucy kept producing good, well flavoured fruit.…

  • Malling Opal Strawberry Plants


    Malling Opal has quickly established itself as one of the very best everbearing/perpetual strawberries. A little earlier in season than most of this class, the fruits begin to ripen in early August typically, and then go on until the frosts. This can be extended still further with cloching. Malling Opal has cropped very well in containers; it has been suggested that such plants brought into a mildly heated greenhouse or conservatory, would still be cropping at Christmas. The berries of this high quality variety are large and sweet and also relatively soft – a trait that has endeared it already…

  • Obsidian Blackberry Bushes


    New and the earliest Blackberry in trials. Obsidian is aptly named, for the glossy jet black berries positively gleam with ebony lustre! The fruits are large, conical, juicy, fleshy and have a good flavour. The growth is moderately vigorous and displays the impressive yield well for ease of picking. The total yield is both condensed and prolific. Outstanding in trials, Obsidian is a superb season extender for you to consider as part of your Blackberry planting programme, the first fruits can often be enjoyed from late June in a good summer; from the 1st of July is normal. A magnificent…

  • Sweetheart Strawberry Plants


    A variety that combines large fruits, superb flavour and an astonishing 90% of class 1 fruits, without any special conditions. Sweetheart is a new mid season Strawberry from Kent which has provided extremely heavy yields of large, attractive fruits. These tempting berries have a very high sugar content and this, together with background depth of real strawberry flavour, combines to provide a superior eating experience. The plants themselves display a compact, dark leaved canopy and this variety can be planted at a a closer density than most and has also been recommended for container growing. Mildew resistant. With it’s combination…

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