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Crab Apple Trees
White flowers, Purple leaf & Fruits good for jelly

Crab Apple Trees

Crab Apple Trees [Malus] are a great addition to any garden and especially those that grow fruit trees. The blossoms of most crab apple tree varieties will greatly aid pollination of apple trees and apart from the obvious decorative properties, the fruits make great jellies for use served with roasted meats or served cold, spread on toast!

The crab apple trees trees tend to be quite accommodating and seldom grow too large. The heights mentioned are an estimate at 10 years. The smaller kinds all grow well in 20" containers and all are of easy cultivation. You may also want to check our large variety of apple trees for sale.

Note:  most varieties from this seaction are currently booked for Auutmn delivery. 

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Red Obelisk Crab Apple Trees

Red Obelisk Crab Apple Trees

This new upright, narrow form from Belgium promises to be very a very useful garden tree indeed. The pink buds open to a mass of white flower and these set a prolific crop of conical...