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  • Apple Tickled Pink *NEW*


    Very much a cross between an ornamental Malus and a productive apple tree with the merits of both, this exciting newcomer is already proving popular. It can double as a pretty garden tree and a free fruiting orchard apple. The medium sized dark lacquer red fruits ripen for udse in October and are special because inside they are  afantastic deep red as well. The aromatic taste is sweet and juicy. The leaves too complement the fruits, being a dusky purple, especially when young. The flowers are rose pink. We are offering trees on dwarfing 'M9' stock, growing to about 2…

  • Elderberry ‘Nova’


    A specially selected fruiting strain of Elderberry, with better quality, more prolificn fruits. Elderberries are a valuable garden acquisition, being easy tog row and suitable for the back of the border, an island bed, the wild garden or hedgerow. The frothy white scented flowers are an early Summer joy and are very attractive to pollinating isnects – you can also use them in cordials. The rich purple aromatic berries appear in wide clusters in August and September. They ate vitamin rich and versatile – use them in jams, compotes, cordials and for juicing. Allow 6-8' for one bush; may be…

  • Japanese Strawberry Hybrid Berry Plants


    The erect stems have pinnate leaves and produce clusters of large, attractive, yellow-white flowers, The late summer fruits that follow are very large, bright red and juicy. Excellent, sweet flavour that is very pleasing. A strawberry/raspberry cross that should be grown like you would a shrub. Requires no support and excels in the shrub border for picking and eating fresh as you walk through your garden. Quite different. A very attractive and enjoyable cultivar to grow. A novelty fruit.

  • Laburnum ‘Yellow Rocket’ Space saving


    This valuable new Laburnum is easier to accomodate in smaller gardens, to be grown in a corner, flanking a drive, or the centre of an island bed. The narrow upright habit is bedecked with wonderful long racemes of rich yellow flowers in May and June. The silky leaflets make for an attractive tree at all stages of growth., Suits an well drained soil in a sunny spot. Young growths may be tipped to keep the tree tidy. Also suitable for a half barrel or  30 litre capacity container. New, limited stock.Pot grown. Ultimate height 240cm's+, less with pruning. 

  • Nectarine Mesembrine Flat Fruits


    A partner to the hugely popular so called Honey Peach or Flat Peach, this Nectarine has distintively flattened circular rich red fruits with a bright yellow juicy flesh and a perfect sweet flavour. Ripening August, self fertile and witrh pretty rose pink flowers. This is a unique new variety and a perfect complement to the Saturn Peach. Self fertile; hardy to an extent in a good position or grow in a conservatory or greenhouse. Suitable for a 30 litre capacity pot if necessary. 

  • New Compact Apricot Isabelle Apricot Trees


    At last, what we have all been waiting for! Apricots have previously been able to be container grown, but the results have not been all that great, for these naturally vigorous trees require subsequent hard pruning which then robs them of much of their crop. Isabelle is a compacta type Apricot, claimed to be less vigorous, and tidy in appearance the most compact Apricot compared to standard varieties. Easily kept to only 6′ in height and perfect for containers, smaller borders or the intensive orchard. Rounded orange red finely flavoured fruits, hardy and regular cropper. Highly recommended, will go quickly…

  • Plumcot Flavor King Apricot x Plum!


    Yes, this delicious new fruit really is a cross between a Plum [Japanese type] and an Apricot. The results are as divine as you would expect; the rounded rich red-purple fruits have a decadent deep red interior flesh and ripen for eating in August. The flavour is sweet, super-juicy, complex, rounded and with a hint of warm spiciness. Perfect for eating fresh but also for any culinary uses you may wish to implement. The tree flowers early in March so requires  asunny protected spot to yield reliably. It is partially self fertile so will crop on it's own, but also…

  • Raspberry Autumn Ruby *NEW*


    Often regarded as the first compact or dwarfing raspberry with upright self supporting smooth canes of about 1 metre in height. The beautiful deep ruby coloured fruits ripen in July and are ideal for picking and eating straight from the cane. This variety is best for small spaces, the garden border or in containers using a free draining fertile compost. We have plants ready for planting now. Price for  5 plants.

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