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(B) Redsleeves Apple Trees


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Red fruit
Tender texture
Self fertile
Sweet flavour
Early season
Disease resistance
For the North

A new early dessert apple that we were pleased to introduce on exclusive licence a few yews ago. Raised by East Malling Research Station, Redsleeves has proved to be very exceptional. The fruits are ready for picking and eating in late August and early September, and have the advantage that they excel when eaten straight from the tree, but will also store well for up to 4 weeks after picking. An attractive early apple, predominantly bright red on a yellow-green background. Good skin finish, sweet crisp and juicy fruits with a very pleasant flavour. The fruits are of moderate size and retain texture for a least 1 month after harvest. A compact, well feathered tree that needs little or no pruning. Cropping is very heavy. Fertility for pollination of other apples is very high, even at low temperatures. Redsleeves is self fertile and can be grown without any pollinator for the one tree garden, giving an excellent crop. At its best planted with pollinators such as: Greensleeves, James Grieve, Cox, Fiesta, Sunset etc. A superb variety. All trees £1.00 extra to normal price.

(B) Redsleeves Apple Trees

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Our Apple Trees are available in the following

  • Miniature tree (M27 Rootstock)
  • Dwarf Tree (M9)
  • Semi Vigorous Tree (M26)
  • Vigorous tree tree (M106)
  • Very vigorous tree (M25)
  • Cordon Tree
  • Mini Cordon Tree
  • Supercolumns
  • Stepover Tree
  • Half Standard
  • Espaliers
  • Fans

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Tree size as supplied varies but is usually between 3.5' - 4.5' on despatch. A few varieties might be slightly smaller, some a little bigger, of course it does vary but this is a good average. WE SUPPLY YOUNG TREES - and are proud to do so. Although we are sometimes requested to supply older/bigger trees, the percieved advantages are outwighed by disadvantages! Older trees take longer to establish and will fruit no more quickly. The young trees we send out grow away and establish so quickly and healthily & often yield within 1 season of planting. Our customers even report fruits the first year of planting! All professional fruit growers prefer to plant young trees rather than older.

Our soft fruit bushes are usually 2 years old.
Everything is stringently graded, grown on the nursery and well packed!

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Gold Standard Health & Quality

Chris Bowers' Gold StandardWe have in place very rigorous standards for the health, providence and uniformity of all our fruiting plants & trees. Our Nursery and the stock we grow is inspected and passported for health regularly by DEFRA experts [formerly the Ministry of Agriculture] and we have in place our own stringent controls and inspection programmes to ensure our fruiting bushes and trees are the best, most disease free stocks available and truly beyond compare.

We always propagate from certified stock where this exists and have the highest standards regarding providence and grading. If only the very best will do - as it should - then you can rely on a Chris Bowers fruiting plant to give the most exemplary results available. We firmly believe that only the very healthiest stock can and does produce vastly superior results - and it shows.

Our Guarantee

We are proud of each & every plant & tree we despatch from our Nursery. If it fails to thrive or live up to your expectations we will replace or refund it. This is in addition to your statutory rights. We may rarely ask for details of care and cultivation given to it, or arrange for a return of the item for inspection, to assist in our own programme of improvement.