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Delivery Information

Fruit Trees by Post

UK mainland delivery is charged at £8.95. Sending a tree through the post isn't easy, so our parcels are expertly packed to keep your goods in the best condition. There is no surcharge on the delivery of larger parcels/orders.

Tree size as supplied varies but is usually between 3.5' - 4.5' on despatch. A few varieties might be slightly smaller, some a little bigger, of course it does vary but this is a good average. WE SUPPLY YOUNG TREES - and are proud to do so. Although we are sometimes requested to supply older/bigger trees, the perceived advantages are outweighed by disadvantages! Older trees take longer to establish and will fruit no more quickly. The young trees we send out grow away and establish so quickly and healthily & often yield within 1 season of planting. Our customers even report fruits the first year of planting! All professional fruit growers prefer to plant young trees rather than older.

Our soft fruit bushes are usually 2 years old. Everything is stringently graded, grown on the nursery and well packed!

  • No need to be in - You can request your parcel to be left in a safe place, or stipulate an alternative delivery address, at the checkout.

Please refer to the Growing Guides section of our website for planting and aftercare. If you have any questions pertaining to your trees and how to grow them please just ask for expert advise.


Frequently Asked Questions

Are you open to personal callers?

You can collect an order with prior arrangement; please telephone your order to make mutually convenient arrangements.


What is your carriage charge?

We have a flat rate carriage charge which is £8.95 on all orders.


Is that carriage charge per item?

No, it is per order. Whether you order one item or 50 items you will still be charged just 1 x £8.95


I see you offer discounts for bigger quantities. Can I mix the varieties to take advantage of the cheaper price?

No, the larger quantity rates are for the same variety, individual trees and bushes will be charged at the each price.


Can you send your stocks abroad and how much does it cost?

We are sorry but we can no longer deliver to Europe, Northern Ireland or Republic of Ireland.


Are your stocks supplied in pots?

They are sent out in containers during the Summer months. From Autumn to Spring they are supplied bare-root. Each method is the best for the time of year concerned. The exception is Grapes, Blueberry and Blackberry – these are always in containers regardless of the time of year.
Sometimes the containers may be removed for safer transportation.


When is the best time to plant?

Autumn and Winter is a great time to plant. We are now taking advance orders for Autumn planting. You can plant during the summer months if this is preferred but the stock will need more attention and regular watering to ensure establishment.


Is there a guarantee?

Yes, all stock is guaranteed to arrive in good condition. It is guaranteed to grow during the first growing season and it is guaranteed true to name thereafter.


How big are the trees you sell?

A loaded and complex question but one we are asked frequently! We have such a wide range of differing trees the size on despatch varies A LOT. But as a rough guide, dwarfing rootstock trees may be around 36+” in length. More vigorous stocks are usually a little bigger than that. Soft fruit bushes are normally 2 years old with 2-4 stems. Trees offered as suitable for fan/espalier are lower branched trees.


Can you offer mature/older trees?

No because the perceived advantages of planting older stock is outweighed by the disadvantages. We send out younger stock because it establishes more quickly and easily. Older trees receive more of a shock after transplanting and tend to ‘sit’ for a while doing nothing, by which time the younger tree has raced ahead.


How can I check stock availability?

Our website reflects current availability and is updated constantly. Basically, if you can order it online it should be in stock and will be sent out more or less straight away.


How long will I have to wait for an order?

All orders are normally despatched with 5-7 working days and sometimes sooner however we ask you to PLEASE allow up to 28 days owing to the nature of the stock concerned.


Do you sell posts and tree guards?

No we sell only the trees and bushes, not sundries.


Will I have to sign for my delivery and be in when it arrives?

No. You can leave instructions on your online order for the parcel to be left in a safe place of your choosing and this will be put on the parcel. You can also have it delivered to a place of work or a neighbour, if preferred and there are facilities for a different delivery address online.


How soon will my fruit trees crop after I have received them?

It does depend on the type of tree you order and local conditions as well. Dwarfing trees are more precocious & despite being smaller on receipt will usually be quicker to come into bearing; sometimes you might get the odd fruit the season following planting, normally it is one to two years. More vigorous trees take a little longer to fruit, 2-3 years is a good average. Remember this is a guided estimate only, we can’t guarantee how soon your trees will fruit.


My trees have arrived but it’s frosty or snowy. What should I do?

As long as the soil is still workable then you can plant them. Frost or snow won’t harm them once they are in the ground. If you can’t deal with them straight away, they will keep for several days as they are if you place the package in a cold shed or garage. They must not be kept near any form of heating and you must check to make sure the roots do not get dry; soak them in a bucket of water if need be.
After that if you still can’t plant, the roots can be set in big buckets of damp peat or compost and placed outside in a sheltered position. Or they can be ‘trenched in’ to the garden in their bundles, making sure all the roots are covered with wet earth. Planting of bare root stock has to be completed before the buds burst in the Spring.