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Fruit trees for the patio

With the introduction of reliably dwarfing rootstocks it is now possible to grow a wide variety of delicious top fruits in pots and containers on the patio. Such trees are surprisingly productive and have a unique beauty all their own. All types recommended will be happy with a tub size of 18inch or more and we recommend that a soil based potting compost such as John Innes No. 2 is used. Virtually all main groups can now be grown very successfully in this way. Apples on the mini Rootstock M27 will grow to just 5-6feet and most varieties are no available.

Remember if you are growing just one apple to choose a self pollinating cultivar such as Redsleeves, Greensleeves or self fertile Cox. Of course if you can grow 2 or more the varietal choice is far wider. There is nothing to compare with the joy of apple blossom brought to your patio. Pears on the Quince C stock are easily controlled in pots and naturally compact Concrde has excelled with this treatment and is also self fertile. Of course there is no taste finer than your very own Du Comice ripened to perfection on a warm sunny patio. Concorde or another suitable variety would be an excellent partner to the Du Comice. Plums on Pixy stock are suite simply superb trees for the patio.

There is a tempting range of succulent varieties to choose from, all of which can easily be grown in tubs and are even more compact if festooned. Victoria is the most popular choice but there are several other varieties of equal or greater merit. Look out of Opal, Marjores Seedling and Voiletta in particular. Gages and Damsons are also available on Pixy and provide a choice variation, Peaches, Apricots and Nectarines are perhaps at their best on the patio where the warm sun will ripen their fruits to perfection and you can enjoy the magical display of rosy pink blossom. Peaches and Nectarines are naturally compact trees which do very well in containers. Apricots are more vigorous but still quite easily contained especially from an early age. Cherries on the new stock take well to containers. The naturally smaller Petite Noir is particularly superb on the patio and self pollinating too. Cherries on the patio are much more readily protected from the birds. These are just a few recommendations.

You can also grow Figs, Kiwis, Blueberries, Strawberries, Cranberries and a host of other tempting fruits. Even if you are not restricted for space in the garden many of our customers like to enjoy at least some fruits close to hand where they can be readily appreciated. And we know of several long time fruit enthusiasts who, having filled all the available space have added to their collection still further by squeezing a few more varieties into pots on the patio.