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Cultivation Guide – Blueberries

The blueberry will set fruits with their own pollen but for the best results plant two varieties. Plants are normally supplied as container grown. The blueberry is a very decorative plant and may he grown in containers using an acid rhododendron compost (Arthur Bowers Ericaceous), planted in the rhododendron border, or in a specially prepared site using peat and compost/soil on a half to half basis. On most soils a hole 18″ deep filled with this mixture for each plant is usually sufficient. Plant 5′ apart and mulch with peat each year.


Regular pruning is not needed, just thin the bush when required by removing a few of the oldest, barest stems to ground level.


A general Growmore fertiliser at 3oz per square yard if your soil is poor but loz per square yard of Sulphate of Ammonia each spring is normally sufficient.

Pests & Diseases

None of importance as yet in Britain. Blueberries do need water in summer, if possible rain water.

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