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Our plum trees for sale provide the highest quality fruits year upon year and are available in cooking and dessert plum varieties. The delicious fruit from our plum trees is ready for picking from late summer to early autumn, making them a great addition to any garden. We have plum trees available on dwarfing rootstocks for small gardens, more vigorous plum trees for Orchard settings and paddock, as well as trees for training against a wall or space-saving column trees too! So there are many Plum Tree types from which to choose for your garden. Select from our Plum Tree varieties list below.

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Belle De Louvain Plum Trees

Belle De Louvain Plum Trees

A cooking variety, with large scarlet-red fruits that become almost purple when ripe in August. Vigorous, upright growth, and very heavy cropping. Self fertile, so no pollinators are needed. A very richly flavoured variety

Marjorie's Seedling Plum Trees

Marjorie's Seedling Plum Trees

For picking late September and into October. The fruits are large, oval and purple blue/black with a yellow, rich, juicy flesh. The fruits hang on the tree well and when fully ripe, are of excellent...

Monarch Plum Trees

Monarch Plum Trees

A popular old variety which continues to be sought by those who know it, and introduced to our range by popular request. An oval dark purple plum which ripens from mid September, frequently hanging well...