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Crab Apple Trees

Crab Apple Trees [Malus] are a great addition to any garden and especially those that grow fruit trees. The blossoms of most crab apple tree varieties will greatly aid pollination of apple trees and apart from the obvious decorative properties, the fruits make great jellies for use served with roasted meats or served cold, spread on toast!

The crab apple trees trees tend to be quite accommodating and seldom grow too large. The heights mentioned are an estimate at 10 years. The smaller kinds all grow well in 20″ containers and all are of easy cultivation. You may also want to check our large variety of apple trees for sale.

Note:  most varieties from this section are currently booked for Autumn delivery.

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  • Profusion Improved Crab Apple Trees


    An old favourite with lustrous purple foliage providing an ideal foil for the ‘profusion’ of wine red flowers which are borne in large clusters. Small Autumn fruits of oxblood red. Mildew can be a problem but in this improved selection disease resistance is better and this is a very popular choice. Height 9ft+ when grown, supplied at 125-150cm’s approx

  • Red Glow Crab Apple Trees


    A stronger grower with particularly large bright red fruits set against coppery foliage fading to green. The flowers are salmon pink. Suitable for making crab apple jelly, a bold and effective cultivar. Height 12ft when grown supplied at 125-150cm’s approx

  • Red Jade Crab Apple Trees


    A beautiful small tree with graceful weeping branches. The fresh green young foliage, white and pink flower and small shiny scarlet fruits ensure this specimen is always popular. The fruits hold on the tree very well and the beautiful habit makes this tree very worthwhile. T Height 6ft when grown supplied at 120-150cm’s approx

  • Red Obelisk Crab Apple Trees


    This new upright, narrow form from Belgium promises to be very a very useful garden tree indeed. The pink buds open to a mass of white flower and these set a prolific crop of conical red fruits. The young foliage is a glossy mahogany red, turning green as Summer progresses and the combination of the white flowers set against this dark foliage in the Springtime is most pleasing. Best of all perhaps is the ever neat, almost conical habit which is so ideal for small spaces and accent planting. Height 7-9ft when grown supplied at 125-160cm’s approx SOLD OUT

  • Red Sentinel Crab Apple Trees


    One of the very best of all for the huge display of large glossy scarlet cherry-like fruits which last and last on the tree. These make an excellent jelly. Similar to Robusta but better disease resistance, trees of this cultivar on our Nursery invariably attract comment when in fruit. White Spring flower. Height 8ft+ when grown supplied at 125-150cm’s approx

  • Robusta Crab Apple Trees


    A very good tree which would grace any garden. Large white to pale pink flowers appearing in April and May, shiny dark green leaves and a plentiful crop of scarlet fruits which hand well into Winter. Suitable for preserves and apple pollination. Always popular. Height 9ft when grown supplied at 125-150cm’s approx

  • Royal Beauty Crab Apple Trees


    A small weeping tree with purplish leaves and redpurple flowers. Unique as the only weeping, colour-leafed Malus. Height 6ft when grown supplied at 120-150cm’s approx

  • Royalty Crab Apple Trees


    Probably the darkest polished purple leaves of any Malus makes this variety very special. Large purple crimson flowers followed by small red fruits. Unrivalled for the richness of its colour. Height 7ft+ when grown, supplied at 125-150cm’s approx

  • Rudolf Crab Apple Trees


    A very charming addition to our catalogue combining beauty with disease resistance. The leaves emerge flushed with purple in the Spring, combining enchantingly with the rather large rose pink flowers. The leaves, which later soften to green, have excellent disease resistance which results in a ‘clean’ and healthy looking tree The tree itself is strong growing but neat and attractive with an upright, then gently spreading habit providing a generous end of season display by way of its profusion of bright sparkling red fruits. A truly excellent new variety, one of the very best. Height 8ft-9ft when grown, supplied at…

  • Sargentii Tina Crab Apple Trees


    A new selection of this dwarf species which is ideal as a patio specimen. Literally smothered in gold anthered white flowers and small cherry like fruits in the Autumn. Disease resistant, an immensely valuable introduction. Height 5ft when grown, supplied at 120cm’s approx

  • Scarletta Crab Apple Trees


    Another new variety. this time from Denmark which combines unusually hardy, healthy growth with glowing colour. Bright, shiny, lobed purple leaves turning a healthy dark green as they age and eventually providing stunning orange gold and red Autumn tints. The bright pink blossom combines well with the young foliage hues. A tree with enormous potential for the garden which will never disappoint Height 10ft when mature, supplied at 125-150cm’s approx

  • Snow Cloud Crab Apple Trees


    Few introductions are more aptly named than this recent variety – a positive mountain of absolutely pure white flowers, contrasting very effectively with the bright strawberry pink buds. Yellow fruits follow in the Autumn. A supremely effective flowering cultivar with an upright, almost pyramidal habit, especially whilst young. Height 12ft when grown, supplied at 125-150cm’s approx

  • Sun Rival Crab Apple Trees


    We were the first to introduce this elegant variety and it still ranks as amongst the most perfect of weeping trees with its graceful cascading branches clothed in shiny green foliage and studded with scarlet fruits. The clean white Spring flowers emerge from pink buds. This exquisite show will win you over, as will the consistently ‘perfect’ shape of the waterfall branches. Very compact and easily accommodated together with 12 months of loveliness … what more could you ask for? Height 6ft when mature

  • Tchonoskii Crab Apple Trees


    Quite different from all the other Malus, this stronger growing specimen tree has downy, somewhat silvered foliage which is coveted for its incredible Autumn foliage colours which have earned it the moniker of ‘The Bonfire Tree’ which is certainly most apt. Every conceivable shade of glowing scarlet orange, flame, golden and purple on a brilliant and long lasting display deep into the Autumns twilight days. Sporadic white Spring flowers and some fruits but this specimen is really grown for its foliage whereupon it is amongst the most effective of all. Can reach 30′ but the habit is erect and not…

  • Wisley Crab Crab Apple Trees


    The largest known fruits of any ornamental Crab, these can attain the size and appearance of shiny red desert apples and can be used for jelly making. Quite a sight as they hang from this purple-foliaged tree! Rosy carmine flowers. A rarely seen and special cultivar. . Height 12ft when grown, supplied at 125-150cm’s approx

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