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A fruit tree or a fruiting plant is a wonderful, thoughtful idea for gifting no matter what the occassion, and one which friends and family can remember you by for many years to come. Each year this unique gift will just keep on giving, more and more, with pounds of delicious fruits. You may well have your own ideas as to what represents the perfect choice for you, but to give you inspiration these selections are particularly appropriate and popular.


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  • Self Fertile Cox Apple Trees


    A Cox clone which is a better grower and more reliable cropper. For those who insist on Cox as part of their planting programme this is a better choice than the standard Cox. The fruits are of excellent Cox flavour, and of superior quality. The tree has better resistance to disease. This clone is self fertile so is a valued addition to the limited range of self fertile apples available. It will set a good crop on its own. For full cropping potential pollinate with: Winter Gem, Redsleeves, Greensleeves etc.

  • Blueberries Collection


    Blueberries are the latest good for you super-food, but even without this attribute they are so worth growing. The bushes are so attractive you can plant them in the border with flowering shrubs and plants and they won’t look our of place at all. The foliage turns to wondrous fiery shades in the Autumn and the drooping clusters of pearlescent May flowers are very pretty. Growing to 4-5′ they also obligingly suit container growing whereupon an ericaceous compost should be used. Very little if any pruning is required and the bushes are entirely hardy everywhere. The frosting of blue berries…

  • Columnar Fruit Tree Collection


    Chris Bowers Supercolumns are the ultimate space-saving fruit trees. Bearing heavy crops along the full length of their slender, compact columnar growth, you can plant them just 2′ apart! Ideal for spreading around the garden as you wish, grown in 18" pots, alongside an arch or walkway, or – best of all – as a single row, forming a fabulous fruiting ‘hedge’ dripping with tempting fruit. Pruning is easy and these trees reward immensely even amateur fruit tree growers. 5 tree collection 1 each of: Apple Self fertile Cox’s Apple Katy Pear Concorde Plum Victoria Cherry Sunburst Save £15.00 on…

  • Connoisseurs Fruit Collection


    If you fancy something a bit different, or maybe a gift for a gardening friend, then this collection of more unusual and choice delicacies could be just for you. The Japanese Wineberry [pictured] is a uniquely attractive plant with bristly furry red stems and veined lime green leaves. Its red-purple rounded berries ripen in August and are said to be at their best served sprinkled with red wine! The Boysenberry looks like a smoth caned Blackberry but its flavour has been raised to rapturous levels, a characteristic it is famed for. The luscious deeply aromatic fruits are sensational eaten fresh…

  • Fallgold Raspberry Bushes


    An autumn fruiting, yellow raspberry with a delicious, sweet flavour. A heavy crop of medium to large, golden berries that are superb for dessert and freezing. The fruits are easy to pick and the canes sturdy and erect. Responds well to extra ground moisture during fruiting, providing extra luscious berries.

  • Garden Lady Peach Trees


    A genetic dwarf peach that is superb for growing in containers on the patio. Beautiful pink flowers in spring are followed by sweet juicy fruits with a fine yellow flesh. It is amazing how many peaches can be harvested from these small patio trees, usually ready for picking in early August. Move the tree into a coldhouse or similar for the severest of the winter months. These trees are rather special, once seen in fruit – always planted.

  • King James * New * Mulberry Trees


    A variety of great historical interest, King James was propagated from the Chelsea Physic Garden specimen which was in existence in the early 17 century during the time of James I. It is a black mulberry of superb flavour.

  • Rudolf Crab Apple Trees


    A very charming addition to our catalogue combining beauty with disease resistance. The leaves emerge flushed with purple in the Spring, combining enchantingly with the rather large rose pink flowers. The leaves, which later soften to green, have excellent disease resistance which results in a ‘clean’ and healthy looking tree The tree itself is strong growing but neat and attractive with an upright, then gently spreading habit providing a generous end of season display by way of its profusion of bright sparkling red fruits. A truly excellent new variety, one of the very best. Height 8ft-9ft when grown, supplied at…

  • Snowshowers Japanese Flowering Cherry Plants


    7′ when full grown. A superb little weeping tree which is now the most free flowering white weeping cherry by far. Crystalline white bell-like flowers of unusual clarity festoon the pendant, cascading branches in one mass display. Dark green foliage the ideal foil, this is an ideal tree for the smaller garden and always most effective and always maintain the perfect shape even with no pruning. Supplied at around 120-140cm’s

  • Sunburst Cherry Trees


    We were pleased to be the first to introduce this superb new variety in 1988. The first ever sweet black cherry, that is self fertile and can be grown on its own with no other pollinator required, Sunburst is quite superb. The large, black, juicy fruits have a gorgeous flavour, and the crop is heavy. The growth habit is similar to Stella and makes a good, easy to manage tree. Ripening in early July, Sunburst really is going to be a superb variety for garden culture. Raised by the same research team as Stella, the first self fertile, dark red…

  • Victoria Plum Trees


    From our wide range of Victoria plum trees for sale you are sure to find a tree suited to your garden with various different tree options available to buy.For picking late August until early September, the very heavy crop of large, oval, pale red fruits are superbly flavoured. The flesh is yellow/green, sweet and very juicy. An excellent eating plum that also cooks well when slightly under ripe. Self fertile, so if you have room for only one tree, Victoria is an ideal choice. The trees are of moderate growth. No pollinators needed.

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