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Alpine Strawberries

At last after a few seasons absence, we finally have sufficient stocks to list again these. Delightfully different from cultivated types, Alpine or ‘wild’ Strawberries are attractive little plants for the shade beneath Trees and Hedges or the shady border. They can also be grown in full sun but the flavour is actually sweeter in the shade. They have pretty fringed leaflets, dainty flowers and no runners. They normally fruit from July to the first Frosts and the flavour from the small berries is truly exquisite; intense, but with a delicacy of aroma and sweetly aromatic quality almost entirely absent from large fruited Strawberries. They are so uniquely flavoured that just a few small berries is sufficient to transform a summer fruit salad, yogurt, fruit cordial – or just to pick and eat as you walk through the garden!

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