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Pear Trees
Tender texture & Late/Storing

Buyers Guide for Pear Trees

The Pear Tree

Pear Trees: Our range of Pear trees for sale has just been updated with even more tempting Pear tree varieties to choose from! A Pear tree is an investment that will bring productive joy for many years. So make sure that when buying Pear trees you buy from the best range of varieties available.

The Best Pear Trees

The best pears trees are home grown from your own tree and they are one of the most delectable of tree fruits. Popular commercial pears and tough skinned to avoid bruising during travel to the shop, but as gardeners producing our own dessert fruits, we have the real luxury of picking fully ripe, sweet, juicy, succulent fleshed fruits still warm from the sun. A large dessert Pear is a real treat when properly ripened on the tree.

Pear tree size

Pear tree size on maturity is dependent on the way they are grown and there are plenty of options to suit all gardens from fully dwarfing pear trees through to vigoorus larger trees, or those grown against a wall or trellis. Click on the Pear tree buyers guide above to read about the wide choice available.

Aside from the popular sweet juicy dessert Pears, we also offer Cooking Peartrees. These can be invaluable in the kitchen, used for crumbles, preserves, pies and for baking or bottling.

Pear tree dispatch

We dispatch the Pear Tree all year round, usually within 3-5 working days of receipt. Trees are supplied bare-root Autumn-Spring and in containers/ex container from late Spring to Autumn.

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(B) Beurre Hardy Pear Trees

(B) Beurre Hardy Pear Trees

(B) BEURRE HARDY Season mid to late October. Pick when the fruits are hard and ripen in store. Medium to large fruits that have a good, sweet flavour. The flesh is white and juicy. A strong...

(B) Josepene De Malines Pear Trees

(B) Josepene De Malines Pear Trees

For picking and storing to eat in December and January. A very reliable cropper that normally makes a smaller tree, with its weak to moderate, rather weeping habit. The blossom is fairly frost resistant and...

(C) Doyenne Du Comice Pear Trees

(C) Doyenne Du Comice Pear Trees

For picking and eating in late October/November and keeping into December or longer if stored, but this pear is so delicious there are unlikely to be any left for storing. The fruits are large, golden...

(C) Winter Nellis Pear Trees

(C) Winter Nellis Pear Trees

The fruit should be harvested in late October or early November and stored for eating November, December and January. First class fruits have been enjoyed even as late as March. To enjoy the fruits at...