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Dwarf Plants

These genuine dwarfing rootstock trees are so easy to manage yet bear full-sized fruits in abundance. Infact these most modern of restrictive rootstocks often produce fruits that are larger than those on Orchard-sized trees! These trees are all suitable for planting just 5-7 apart in the garden border or lawn, or as an intensive orchard. Little pruning is required and the trees also thrive in 18" pots on the patio or terrace. An apple on the mini M27 rootstock, as offered here, can yield 30ibs or more when established, and these trees are precocious - often beginning to crop the first year. They very much offer the best of all words for the would-be amateur home fruit grower. Our full and easy instruction booklet is included with all orders.

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(B) Tom Putt Apple Trees

(B) Tom Putt Apple Trees

Hardly a new variety as Tom Putt was raised in the 1700s by the Rector of Trent in Somerset, the Rev. Tom Putt. Picking early September the fruits keep well into November, the tough skin...

(D) Hereford Beefing Apple Trees

(D) Hereford Beefing Apple Trees

Introduced for our more Northerly customers in response to the huge popularity of our own Norfolk Beefing, which has exceeded all expectations! Hereford Beefing was first known in the 1700's no less and is a...